Android app support change incoming

Hello everyone
just a heads up, I had a notification in the Viki app on my phone just now, it seems that Viki are shortly ceasing support for anything older than android 9. This will affect phones, tablets and TV devices

This also means that devices that run operating system software which is based on android will also be affected. So an @mazon (I had to use the at symbol to get past the censoring point why they would censor ■■■■■■ when they support ■■■■■■ devices is beyond me) streaming device with fire TV OS 7 or later will soon be required as Fire OS7 is based on android 9

The article doesn’t say specifically when this will be done


I guess they’re prepping for life in The Dome. Otherwise, where is the thought for all the subscriptions acquired? One can only live freely outside the sphere of convenience, I guess.

The link does have this info:

You can learn how to update your Android mobile software here and your Android TV software here.

You can learn how to update your Fire TV software here.


Is this why viki has been acting weird lately? I mean more weird than normal.


Hi @thaly1209

As far as I can tell @thaly1209 this has just been announced. It hasn’t happened yet. Viki has always been a bit weird Don’t even get me started with ‘continue watching’ :grimacing:

While I can’t really answer that question. I have a funny feeling that the app support change may have something to do with what Google announced with respect to TV apps at Google I/O 2023. please note this is just a theory nothing more

the current android TV app has a very much stock android TV vibe, which means it probably relies heavily on Google themselves and various resources that they provide. I would surmise that in order to use this new stuff. It requires a certain minimum version of android. If Google is introducing this new stuff, it stands to reason, they may be sunsetting older stuff upon which Viki relies.

I must admit I am a bit surprised that they jumping three android versions in one go, though. Here in the UK, though it’s already not uncommon for certain services to require at least android eight and in a few rare cases, android nine

I’ll tag @leerla73 as well :grinning:


Only older Androids? So, the newer versions aren’t affected? I’ve been wanting to put the Viki app on my tablet too, because up until now I’ve exclusively been watching on my browser.

This might be a super stupid question, but this topic seems like the right place to ask it… I’ve been holding off on putting the app on my phone or tablet, because for some reason I thought you needed a separate Viki Pass for the app. I thought I read that somewhere about a year ago when I first joined, but now I can’t find it. It also doesn’t make sense for it to be that way, so I think I’m wrong, but I just wanted to check. I got the Viki Pass through contributing, if that makes any difference. :smile:

@annabanana128 . As long as your tablet has android 9 or above, you should be fine. So go ahead and use the Viki app on tablet, it’ll be much easier to read subtitles on a tablet screen rather than a phone the appearance of the subtitles would also be heavily customisable to your liking

As for your Viki pass, that would be attached to your Viki account so as long as you are signed in to your Viki account on your devices. Your pass should work just fine. If it doesn’t, that means Viki has problems somewhere. It wouldn’t really make sense for it to work any other way you can be sure I’ll be corrected very quickly if I’m wrong though :grinning:

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This screenshot shows a change, but it’s about viewing your history of payments. To my knowledge, no, you do not need a separate VikiPass for your different devices, or the app. You of course can have more than one VikiPass, but you’d have to present yourself as separate persons.


Ah, got it. Thank you, guys! :heart:

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