Anime "Beautiful bones"


I gave in and started watching one. this does have a regular one to watch
so I cheated and watched first episode in the regular one then the anime.

I must say I thought it was quite good. hey this lady thinks of cartoons, ok? so really a mind change for me… and I really liked it! Beautiful bones may be a start for me


Oh, I think you meant “anime” which is short for animation. Viki used to have quite a few of them, but now there’s only 2-3 left.
If you’re interested, I recommend:


looks like a good one, ok I will watch it. thanks, especially a sci fi fan here


Oh, then you’ll definitely enjoy it. :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a science fiction anime, watch Steins;Gate, you won’t be disappointed ! :heart:

El psy congroo :wink:


thanks , I wil watch