Another drama like Misty?

I really like this drama with it’s great twists and turns that keeps you guessing and the fact that there is adult interaction between lovers.
So, if you’ve seen this drama feel free to suggest a similar one :smiley:

So many people have hated the two last episodes and the ending.

Haha what?? I have 2 episodes left and so far it’s been a great drama.

So you got any suggestions?

I don’t know if there is anything alike …
Or would you like a bad ass female lead,
or more about twists and turns,
or that it is made for an adult audience?
I would need to guess a little since I have not seen Misty yet. So it’s more melo or more drama?

These suggestions might fall short, but I will give it a try:
Yes, it is an old one, you can see it with the clothes and the style, but if that isn’t a too big of a minus for you. Phoenix has potential plot-wise. There are old love flames, scars and more.
Is an old one as well, with a lot of twists, passion and right or/and wrong choices.
About the search of why one relationship didn’t last and if there is a chance for the old love or the new love of a woman?
I don’t know if this is viewable, since I had to search a lot for it. What made this drama unique in one way was the approach that adults are adults, but not free of making mistakes either.
The things you do for love and the recognition of your family … It’s restricted for my place, so I guess on the other side of the ocean it is available.
I have not watched this one, and ask myself why? This could be something for you, if you missed out on it as well …
It’s calm, it’s quiet, it has betrayal and development for the female lead to offer.
It brings a sweet young romance to you and then takes it away from you. You will suffer with the couple, who was betrayed by their family and loved ones, but who can betray destiny?
It may seem as if the main leads are dealing a lot with their inner child, but they are living the lives of adults. Due to their past they learned to live life day by day. There is a lot of pain, and none of the two is aware of the past event (or better say the truth about it) that made them the people they are. But they are drawn together, although his elders and her “friend” are trying the best to “protect them” from each other.
I don’t know if this one is available for you, for me it’s no longer. I loved it. The pace and thrill, the cinematography, the actors. And a pretty sad story, but still pretty … In the way that it “hurt” so good. But I admit, not everyone’s cup of tea.

I don’t know how many I put here now, I hope there is at least one who will pick your interest and maybe even please you.

Thank you lutra - as always you got an impressive list. I will check it out and see what’s available for us Swedish viewers. Where are you located?

The last episode of Misty was a bit… hmm I dunno, a different kind of justice perhaps? I can see why people didn’t like it. But I still recommend it.

Germany :wink:
LOL - in Viki-distance, almost neighborhood!

Hehe yeah Viki is global so we’re practically next door. :dolls:

3 of them were available in my area so I will check out the preview clips and see if any of them suites me.

Danke! :smiley: