Another drama on Netflix

called my love song. so funny! and most of all can you imagine a VW transporting to (NOT SURE) time period Josun?? the actress & producer transported to past. so much happening in that time and she a spoiled actress and the antics and all, really so funny! oh yeah theres romance, swords swinging, threats and so on… its a must watch, and its one of those short dramas, 30 minutes each…

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Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon were on WGM together, which makes me squeal even more! Their kiss scenes… :smirk:

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so true!, the scenes are great too
that prince is a hoot…I finished the drama, oh I loved the ending too!!

I loved the princess and Mu Myeong the most and their romance… She was strong and fun and Myeong did well expressing himself without words… The Prince made me laugh since he was always trying to act strong but he was really a flower boy in disguise and wimpy and reminded me of the Rock when he acts goofy in movies… I also liked the actresses assistant( Aka 2 thumbs up :+1::+1: ) since he was hilarious as were the 2 men that kidnapped the actress kept calling the Prince " numb nuts" thinking it meant a phrase of loyalty… I wish the writers wouldn’t have made the lead female character so loud and over the top… She screamed too much and too high for me but I love her in Circle and her other shows… Jong Hyun did a great job at the slap stick without going over the top