Another "off the wall" question

I just finished watching a YT special about our handsome actors. which some I liked weren’t on there.
anyway, I noticed something with these guys, their lips were cracked & like chapped. now is that a health problem or do they naturally have cracked & chapped lips. not just one but all of them! lack of a vitamin?? (hey this is no worse than talking about them wearing lipstick. )
so any ideas or thoughts on this?

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I don’t think anybody has “naturally” cracked and chapped lips. It’s my understanding that cracked and chapped lips can be a reflection of poor nutrition as well as the effects of stress, a dry environment . . .

If an actor or actress has dry, chapped lips, it could be because their character is supposed to be stressed and unhealthy . . . or maybe they don’t rate special treatment from a makeup artist.

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do check your messages.
interesting about the poor nutrition

A lot of talking dries out a person’s lips. Actors will, very often, be literally rattling off lines for hours under hot lights. Under conditions like that, whatever they have moisturizing their lips will rapidly wear off. Lack of hydration and filming on cold sets probably don’t help, either. (Looking at you, every “indoor” scene where the actors’ breath comes out in clouds.)

yeah I have seen those cloudy breaths. and the hot lights doesn’t help. thanks for this.