Another question and probably has been answered time and again

ok look, I do know licenses are the issue about all the dramas and movies, but why do I have to go to Netflix , Hulu even Asian crush to watch a Chinese, Japanese, Tiwanwes, even Korean movies & dramas that Viki doesn’t have? It’s frustrating to pay this x amount of money and not able to watch these good dramas!! I could name a bunch, but y’all know them I don’t need to list them. but gosh there must be a way to get these on here! so I am venting today, excuse me if I offend anyone.

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You’re not offending anybody, but please think … how could one website have the kind of money to afford licensed for ALL the Asian dramas that come out? They are really so many. And the website cannot know which one you, or I, or the next person, likes. They try to guess which will be more popular. And out of those, for some they can secure the license, for some they cannot.
It may be because of the steep price, or maybe the TV production company had a deal with another website. In some cases the website secures the drama even before it has started shooting. Sometimes the website even co-produces the drama (Netflix does it lately), so obviously it will be the one showing it.
And of course, in the case of Kocowa, the website is a child of the three Korean TV channels, and they will naturally be showing their own shows there preferentially. They allow Viki to show some of them, at an additional cost - which is passed on to the consumer as Vikipass plus.

Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all countries in the world had the same currency, the same temperature system, the same measuring system, the same side to drive on and the same electricity plugs?


Irmar, you put it out so nicely. and yes I see it what you are talking about. and yes, guess these different places really don’t have that amount of money to get ALL of those licenses for all or few shows. , your last sentence says it all, the differences do count. anyway thank you Irmar for your input!


I’d add to Irmar’s explanation: monopoly!
One company can’t have it all according to antitrust laws :slight_smile:
For USA for ex:

And imagine the price for consumers if one had the monopoly!
There must be competition.

Big companies like Facebook, Google had justice problems because of their practice to control their market.

:thinking: Law is controlled by the State and only the State can have a public monopoly in important sectors (army, defense, justice…) and they’d need public money lol

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Oh my goodness, really good to know thank you both for sharing this info! didnt know there was so much behind all this!! again thank you!!

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