Answer with song title! [game]


:laughing: Ha! Haaa! :rofl::joy: I see you @simi11 you got the :musical_note: :notes: grove :musical_note::notes: to move! :fist:t5:! Yesss! :joy::laughing::rofl:


Anything that has a rhythm, I can’t sit still… I used to be a Disco Queen and won some competitions, did some ballroom dancing too and much later belly dance… today the kitchen is my dancing platform… would love to visit a dancing place again… but oh Corona…


BABY SHARK :fish: I played this last year to my grandson and he got obsessed with it :sweat_smile: I didn’t know it was a trend the years before… it’s a bad ear worm

How do you do?


With My Boys! (I love this)

Would you Swim with Sharks!


Haha :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: this is so gay and hillarious!! I was laughing hard… very creative!


You know I’m a girl who loves my boys!
This is the cutest thing on the planet and these dancers are SO FUN! I just had to post it after you posted. I love anyone creative and fun! And these guys are FUN! :heart_eyes: (Grandpa shark is my FAV)

Next Question:

Would You Swim With Sharks! :shark::shark::shark:


What’s the difference between you and your neighbor?


I am not into gossip.

Are you talk-active? This is not about gossiping. LOL


I swam once in a pool full of sharks and fishes in Orlando, I think it was the Discovery Cove and also with dolphins. Obviously the young sharks were fed before they let us in for a brief time :fish::rofl:


How is that gossip?


@mirjam_465 LOL That was the question … and is that your question above the video?


What if I told You… and more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile:

Which waters do you prefer to swim in?


Gulf Of Mexico

Waterfalls are ___________? :fish::shell::palm_tree:



How would your view of space change if the moon was actually made of cheese?..:cheese::mouse::grin:


I’d be Thunderstruck

What planet ARE YOU REALLY from??? (be funny)


… lyrics - from the middle of the stars, I am the 3rd to the left …
Codo from afar the vibrant star - I like to dash through space

If you wondered what this music was about, it was the 80’s, when everything was possible, and there was a genre called NDW, Neue Deutsche Welle - New German Wave, a new type of German songs, sometimes with crazy melodies or lyrics.

Where is your next travel spot, when you finally can go anywhere again?


on top of the world…

How would you change how you acted if you knew 100% that the world was a simulation?


I’m a little into Wonho right now! So I’d keep an "Open Mind"

Aliens have landed Where do you Go? Or do you say Hey?


Hey! hahaha I think that I would be curious.

Dinosaurs or dragons?



Which creature would you like to be for one day?