Answer with song title! [game]


Like a cat - AOA

What is your favourite types of weather?


Not too hot, not too cold.

Do you prefer rain or snow?


Beach or mountains?


And I don’t need the summer beach, actually I prefer spring or autumn, I am not the type to jump into the ocean, I prefer watching the waves, listening to the sounds of the wind …

Village or city, where do you want to live?



Tea or Coffee? Or… ?


Italian (Pizza, Pasta, …) or Asian (Hotpot, Ramyun, …), or?


PIZZA… my kids sang this in nursery… gosh time flies, they don’t even remember, lol

Who is your favorite singer of 80’s with blond hair?


LOL No male singer of the 80’s I remember had blond hair, oh wait there was one …

Should we go further down the memory lane? Who was your favorite singer in your early teenager years?


David Cassidy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:ROCK ME BABY! I watched The Patridge Family and had a crush on David, I have this record :heart_eyes: PS I don’t think I had a favorite really, I only liked songs they sounded good in my ears, and I could dance to them. I wasn’t into hard rock much with some exceptions and no Alice Cooper… :rofl: I watched Disco with Ilja Richter, was it always on Saturday :wink: My parents always limited my time on TV :tired_face: Did you read Bravo? :wink:

Which song will you sing along as soon you hear it?


Yes, me too, and I only recently found out that it was only one Saturday per month. I know that we were watching this show all together. LOL, yes it was still a time, when the complete family watched one program, as there were only 3 of them.

Oh, yeah. LOL some might try to google Dr. Sommer, haha. Anyway I remember, when I started buying it, you had to pay 1,50 DM, today that would be equal to 75 Eurocent. I stopped reading it when it was at 1,80 DM, but it was a guilty pleasure for a long time, as we didn’t have the internet, MTV, or all those channels where you get information today.

Which song can take you back in time, the memories, hopefully happy ones will always surface while listening to it?


Love Me Some Bon Jovi

How would you describe 80s Hair Bands!


Any boy band of the 80s/90s you drove your parents crazy with posters/LP/MC/CD/T-Shirts and other merchandising?


Mine was Bon Jovi mostly but I won’t use that again so
Back Street Boys (no NSYNC for me) are my 1st boy band loves before KPOP 2pm

What song drive you crazy from the 80s - 90s?

(you got me dancing around to BACKSTREET hahahaha)


I hated it with passion, I liked the first song, but it played so often so I started to be annoyed and after that every song of them sounded the same for me. Bitter, one of my younger cousins is a fan until today.

Any song where you switch the radio program, or tv channel, or leave a shop?


What is the most ANNOYING Jingle from a commercial??


Sorry, I think my memory erased them all …
Can you consider another question?


Don’t remember any I hate since its a loooong time since I’ve watched TV but this one used to be stuck in my head ALL DAY
Brittania’s tic tac toe ad

What profession do you wish you could try for just one week?


What profession do you wish you could try for just one week?
Oceanographer - :shark:

What did you want to grow up to be?


My first career wish was becoming a kindergarten teacher. LOL, but after kindergarten that wish already changed.

Is there a profession you dreamed of, but you decided to keep it a hobby and not try to live of it?

P.S. I am off, we have a thunderstorm, and it seems this time it could be heavier, then the last ones. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.


This is very funny! When I was 8 or 9 I used to correct my old homework books with a red pen and would grade them. Yes I played a teacher, I thought this was fun and wanted be a teacher just to correct the homework books! :rofl::woman_teacher:

After school I wanted do technical drawing but didn’t find a company that suited me, so I changed to travel agency but there were less positions than demand! I was offered a position at a bank and I thought everyday crunching “numbers” isn’t for me.

I ended up at a hardware/household distributor doing a business management apprenticeship.
Sometime later after years working in banks and doing “crunching numbers” I decided to try for a flight attendant, well Swiss said they were full and I should apply the following year.

So I ended up with travel agency as a travel guide and worked in Ibiza :star_struck: having blast “almost” every day!

Oh, and before having my son I worked part time at TALLY WEIJL because I know the owners, back then they weren’t as big as today; it’s a small world. :world_map:

Today, I’m not sure if I’d have preferred something else in the field of gardening, herbalism and nutrition :sweat_smile: as this became my hobby :wink:

If you had the money, what would you buy for yourself? :wink: