Answer with song title! [game]


When I am looking for something, a thing, a drama, some information, and …

Are you someone with endless energy, or do you need to carefully pace yourself?


T-I-G-G-E-R Thank Goodness I’m the Only ONE! haahahahahah!

Are you romantic or a realist?


What’s the most romantic thing about you?


Blue Eyes - Crying!

Romance is like a Bonus Book - What Book did you Buy?


FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - Sheena Easton :heart_eyes:

What do you do when you go out on the weekend?


Watch Movies! Or go out to Eat! So Buttered Popcorn!

When Friday Rolls around - Where are you???


:notes::musical_note: Run The World (Girls) :notes::musical_note:
By - Beyonce

Original, or copy?


original! I wannabe me, me, me! :dancer::dancer::dancer:

One piece of advice you can give from your own experiences?


DON’T GIVE UP - Listen to your heart and have patience, you never know, if you don’t try, even if you fail, try again.

Of course you need to also know when to LET IT GO:

What does the word “Beauty” mean to you?


@simi11 Pssssst! The next question, please.


I feel a bit of regret, that I only could think of this pretty progressive piece of music - beauty, for me, is inside … The core that makes a person a hopefully good human being and the beauty that meets the eye that makes your “inside” warm and has the ability to heal.

What do you feel when you look at a positively mesmerizing painting/picture?


I’m going for the beauty of the music - conveying the beauty of the painting in this song
The clapping adds to it!!! This brings tears to my eyes because I wish I could dance like that…Beauty just beautiful

Where do you run to…

The song title is the answer, is the answer ...

[quote=“kdra_ma2020ali, post:947, topic:1911”]_
I’m going for the beauty

Haha, I can’t even, you always give the answer with words and then add a music title that seems random. It is supposed to be the other way around. Your chosen song title should give the answer and if you like to, you can add your thoughts on this.
Seriously, I am laughing only because of the thought that @leerla73 might bite in her desk or jump up and down by reading your answer. I think she tried more than once to explain it. Haha.


So I feel…Like the Sugar Plum Fairy -


Well it had been a long while and no one had answered and when I look at beauty I think of classical music - there isn’t always an exact song title - I can take that out if you want - but the clapping and the beauty of this music would be my answer - never ask an ARTIST to answer questions - I try - hahahahahaha! Hey the Tigger one was TRUE - I am Tigger!

Next Question is
Where do You Run to…

No doubt about that

Believe me, when I say - nobody questioned that point! The only thing Tigger is missing, he doesn’t collect hotties. LOL


What song would probably calm me down?


What’s your favourite language?




What is your next best thing?


You are like the_________ beneath my wings?