Answer with song title! [game]


Help me find the way to …?

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_ _ _ are the one that I _ _ _ _? ( From the movie Grease)

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Are you leading us to the song??

What is playing on the jukebox?


In my childhood, there were still those taverns in the neighborhood with jukeboxes and this song on it … So it is just a memory bundle - unseparable.

If there was a jukebox, which song would you like to choose?


The outdoor ice rink in my home town had one as well, so kids put always money in and the speakers outside would blare the music, it was the riot. I still remember this song :wink:

What’s your favorite female singer that can immediately cheer you up?


Favorite Female Artist - PINK :heartpulse:

Who is your favorite male artist who you can hear their music from a mile away?

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Nope, just playing the game, directly

:rofl: I like that I played it so directly, :joy::sob::joy: you even selected the same :face_with_hand_over_mouth: exact same video I had in mind.

:thinking:Yea, I took a tiny little bit of the fun factor, on a straight line :smirk:(*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:


is this really a sentence?

It was supposed to be music oops

  • I was up from 2am to 4am - please excuse -

Favorite Male Artist you can hear his music a mile away -

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That would be QUEEN or Freddie Mercury… especially this song, but again if the music plays miles away how can you hear it :rofl:

When you are in a foreign country what do you do first?

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Settle at my place of residence.

Who would you like to meet?

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I love this stroll down memory lane :smile: today’s kids might ask about the operator tho’ :smile:

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What do you want to avoid?


Toxic people…

What do you enjoy the most?

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Some days are like this, but unfortunately not all, still I like flowers and life most of the time.

Which song can you whistle?

It’s weird I know, but it’s this one

What’s your favorite person in the world?

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What you can’t live without?

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Unfortunately this is true, even beggars beg for it or the value of it.

If you were 18 again, what would you do?


Your forgot this one :rofl::musical_note:

... do you remember, chirpy, chirpy, cheap, cheap?

No, didn’t forget, but I choose this one because my mom likes the chirpy songs better. :wink: