Answer with song title! [game]


So oder so, means either way …

There were times I traveled alone, with a group of people by bus, but also with friends either with a mobile home, or renting a place. Sometimes having a schedule, sometimes just living into the day. Taking the roads already created by humans, or just walking into nature. But I think there are less and fewer places of which you can say you determine them on your own. But I guess you didn’t mean it that way, paving your way with a machete through the jungle? You didn’t right?

Stones/gems or sand/earth?

Wanna Segue but can't? (☞*❛ ͜ʖ❛)☞Bring That Discussion's, Post's, Link Here 😉!

well, I’ll definitely go with earth, sand, beaches, ocean…:heart_eyes:

If you could go back and undo one thing you did, what would you undo?


If I had known that my half-brother would die this early, I would have tried harder getting in contact with him. We did not grow up together, and I saw him the last time, when we still were kids …

Do you have a pet, if so which and if not what would you like as a pet, if you ever were to keep one?


Chickpeas or black beans?



:notes::musical_note: You Name It! :notes::musical_note: . . .(Black) Beans :notes::musical_note:
DJ Suede . . . Ft. Pastor Shirley Caesar

You are the ______ you are the_____?


Hint: Lionel ______?


:notes::musical_note: You Are The Sun, You Are The Rain :notes::musical_note:
By - Lionel Richie

What’s the number one listed music in your playlist?


@leerla73 music piece or music genre?


2 pm K-Pop

If you could time travel back to another time - where would you go?


Anytime before Covid.

Where would you like to get lost?


@leerla73 you have to admit that was good one! :wink:

Who stole your heart?:purple_heart:


:notes::musical_note: No One Beside . . .:notes::musical_note:
By - Elevation Worship

Smashing! 😉

@kdrama2020ali very!!:smile:

What color is the month of August to you?


The same colors as the color palette in Tomorrow With You(glad I watched it at this time of the year!)
Is Autumn a color? That’s what August looks like to me :sweat_smile:

What’s one thing you’re happy about today?


Technically no, but I understand your answer.
Now that color for August, is a surprise for me, I wish I could get as much fans answer to questions like this :blush: I bet it would be a surprising variety :slight_smile:


Actually in my world it is - I was a color analyst and helped people find if they were a Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn - It is considered a season “color palette” of muted colors. So yes, Autumn is a Color @vivi_1485 in my world

If you could find one thing that you have lost, what would it be???


My heart! Since sometimes I think that I don’t love the things like I did before :anguished:

Your biggest wish?


What do you DREAM of…


Is there a song that’s titled “Lee Je Hoon”? :joy::joy:
On a serious(not really) note, I dream of

When all is said and done, they’re the ones I run to. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you ever had amnesia, what’s the one thing you’ll surely remember?


They say you still have your abilities, so I guess, I can drive. LOL It feels as if the Shakespears Sisters have the answer to everything.

What’s one of your favorite songs, where the title is actually a question?


How about us? Champagne. This song contributed to my boyfriend then husband… so I have fond memories.

If it were 10 years ago, how would you wanted it to be? (Is that too difficult?)


These kinds of questions are always difficult for me, but 10 years ago something happened, and even I don’t really feel regret, I wonder what would have happened, if I had done this …

Which song you wish to play on the radio (I know kind of retro, but anyway), when you wake up in the morning, but your mood is already bad?