Answer with song title! [game]


Answer: Rossh - Stuff

Question: How long are we going to play this game?


Take it with a sense of humor, as long as there is someone to answer, the game goes on …

When you sing, how does it sound like?


Answer: The Weeknd - I don’t wanna know

Question: What are you’re plans?


How is your mood?


Answer : Skip Marley - Calm Down

Question: Am I playing the game right?


Is there something you are scared of?


Answer: The Sheepdogs - I don’t know

Question: Do you prefer K-pop or K-drama?



What should I do right now?


What makes your food tasty?



What do you wanna do in your life?


Christmas with family or friends?


What would be your dream of a Christmas celebration?


Answer: The Sheep Dogs - I don’t know

Question: What do you hate about work?



Where is your soulmate?


How do you thrive on your own?


Spring or Autumn?



Who is your best friend (or can be what)?


Answer: Vivian Green - I don’t know

Question: What are you eating?


… unfortunatly no video of a content owner found the original performed by
Hot Butter - Popcorn

What do you know for sure?


Answer: The Beatles - Something

Question: Do you have a significant other?