Answer with song title! [game]


With my Family of course! That era was epic, lol, I had also this spandex pants but in turquoise… where has all the good times gone :rofl::tired_face:

What is your goal or plan this week?


Workout! My new addiction

What is your favorite way to burn calories??


If temperature is close to 40° C/104° F - no AC - …
Your best advice to survive the day?


Do some meditating! I have some good ones I love…

If the rain comes - do you run or do you play?


Given the current weather situation (but not thinking about the other extreme (hoping for rain, but then again please not the flooding kind)

At which point will you get scared by the weather?



Why would you clap your hands?

I take it back, as I didn't really answer the question

Applaus, Applaus in English Applause, applause

When I like something.

What is your reaction if you hear a song you like?


Why would you clap your hands…

Because WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! @lutra does that work???

Where do you like to go on vacation?


Looking for all nuances of ocres …

The color you enjoyed looking at the most today?


Shades of Grey by Billy Joel
my grey kitty has been sick! and he’s home right now

Your favorite animal in a zoo!


They are even in our small zoo …

What do you look for when you look at the sky?


What would you never do?


What will you do tomorrow?


What are you looking forward to?


Green Day - Holiday

Who is the person you are waiting for?


What’s your weather like?


It really is completely miserable grey over London today but even so I don’t think it could be any more miserable than The Verve’s singing! :grimacing: :laughing:

What to do to cheer yourself up?




What do you say when you accidently break a cup or glass?


Answer: Khalid - My Bad

Question: What did you eat today?


I know this song - You say tomato, and I say tomato

What is in the room /place you are right now?