Answer with song title! [game]


Do you think you could change your life with a time machine?


full of Christmas spirit or just Wines and spirits?


I’m not “full of christmas spirit” but I do have christmas spirits but I’m going with this answser instead

What is one thing you’re going to do next year 2023?


How are you feeling right now?


How is your mood cloudy, sunny, stable, shaky, …?



What weird /embarrassing thing can one find in your search history?
(Be honest here…:blush: :rofl:

**Question:** What *weird* /embarrassing thing can one find in your search history? (Be honest here…:rofl: :rofl:

Answer: Oh, a Mushroom Cat Number Plate, obviously:

Question: What place on Earth where you’ve never been, would you most want to go to if you had the chance?


What would you never eat?


What are you going to eat?


What’s your favorite vegetable?




What’s your favorite family recipe?


Don’t let the simplicity fool ya :ramen:

Mild as cardboard or burn on the way out?

I am amused

Here for the hilarity in your questions, and answers everyone.
The last three:
@mirjam_465, @weavingadream, @ninjas_with_onions :smile::laughing::joy: too funny!




What is better: pineapples over pizza, or ketchup over popcorns?

Answer honestly and according to your own experience.
And, a bonus tip
The experience thing: I have tried the both combos and I don’t know what to say.
:relaxed: :relaxed: :laughing: :sweat_smile:


What do you eat while watching dramas?



:smile: :smile: :smile:

What is the best taste in the world?


:see_no_evil: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Are you Mr. Messy or Little Miss Tidy?



:relaxed: Please consider Ms. instead of Mr. :hugs: :blush:

Do you often do thorough cleaning or just throw your clothes from the floor into the closet?

You know what I mean…:laughing:


What’s your main purpose for this year?



In which language do you prefer your subtitles?