Answer with song title! [game]



:laughing: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

What is language?
:stuck_out_tongue: :relieved: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That would result in interesting subtitles.:sweat_smile:

What would you like to dig up?



I am a little bit of history enthusiastic. So, probably…

What do you want to experience once in your lifetime?


How is your new year so far?


Actually it wasn’t just another day, just 4 hours into 2023 and some nut job arsonist thought it would be fun to torch someone’s van across the road from us to welcome in the new year. :scream::rotating_light:

Predictions for the coming year?


When you get to see the sunrise, what do you think?



What is your Paradise?


Where are you going today?


What is on your shopping list?


So, I have two answers here:

Of course, shopping lists are long.

Who would be the person to go to you on your shopping spree?


:joy::joy::joy::joy: And I guess this too! :joy:

Let’s get your thoughts on, or plans for 2023?


What would solve all your troubles?


I like this number 2023, I think anything is possible on a good note. Does 2023 gives you positives, name any?


Where would a party for all Vikians take place?


Vikians are first K-drama friends I think, so lets party in:

Take me to your happy place, where is it?


What present would you like to get?


Sunshine, :sun_with_face: what do you want to say about the :sunny:sunshine? :joy:


What warms your heart?


Who is the person who makes you smile?


In which place where you’ve never been before do you expect to feel at home?