Any Asian (preferably korean if possible) Dramas with a shy boy?

Im all for a bad boy who’s cold and falls for the girl, but im curious to know if there are any dramas that have a very shy boy in it, cuz i always liked those kinds of characters xD ive loved the anime kimi ni todoke because of that, and ive watched the live action, but i want a drama this time lol.
ive already watched allot of main lead men who have allot of character, and will speak up when they have to or shrug the girl off. but if there is any stories where the main lead guy is shy, can be nice or not, it doesnt matter.
ive always seen how the guy gets the girl out of her shell, but it would be nice to see the opposite, where this time the girl helps the guy to come out of his shell and he falls for her.

There is

  • Dal Bong in WHAT HAPPENS TO MY FAMILY 50 ep family drama though
  • Kang Sang Young in 18 vs. 29
  • Oh Dal Gun in BAD FAMILY
  • Kang Dal Go in DR. KKANG
  • Kang Jun Woo in GOLDEN BRIDE 64 episode
  • Goo Yong Shik in QUEEN OF REVERSALS
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Our little man, Jang Geu Rae, in Incomplete Life (Misaeng) is a mild natured person. I’m not sure if I want to call it shy but he is definitely not loud or aggressive.

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omgosh thanks guys!! i will save this list. i really would like to see some of these. i didnt think there was even one out there! lol @ajumma2 @lutra

just to make sure, these are all main leads, right? thanks so much!

Yes, they all are the main leads, there are even 2 gangsters

  • Oh Dal Gun in BAD FAMILY
  • Kang Dal Go in DR. KKANG
    Who on the first look might seem wrong here but on the social field especially with their ladies they are as innocent as a baby.
    If I had to choose the “sweetest” shy guy, then I would probably think it is
  • Kang Jun Woo in GOLDEN BRIDE 64 episode
    Who really had some trauma to overcome because of his former girlfriend, he wasn’t a shy person at the start, there was an incident that caused him to be traumatized and no longer participate in live, so his Mom kind of “gotten” him married, of course with the best intentions.

Yes, Jang Geu Rae, is the lead. He is played by Siwan. I think he may be an idol. It’s a really great show based on a popular webtoon.

It’s my current favorite on-air show. Check it out!

Try with “Incomplete life” (misaeng) Jang Geu Rae is the opposite of a bad boy haha

Also the male lead in Dr. Champ, he’s the sweetest thing on earth :slight_smile:

Currently airing webdrama “Love cells” has an extremely shy an innocent cute male lead

Mini drama “Adolescence medley” too, maybe both “Reply” series (R 1997 and R 1994)
Queen in Hyun’s man lead is not a jerk and is not a bad boy at all :slight_smile: he’s so sweet actually.

But I think the winner in the category of good-guy-not-bad-boy-at-all may be Li Da Ren from the awesome Taiwanese drama “In time with you”

omgosh thanks you guys!!! im so excited to see so many! fisdhjfkfsjgfgfj

im going to look all of these up and save this list so i know what to watch in the future.
its great to see different every once in a while…

awwww T.T that is cute to see characters like that, even tho its sad that he was a traumatized character but its cool to see he is different and quiet, and that he needs help coming out of his shell.

i LOVEEE siwan xD yes, he’s an idol. from a kpop group (ZE:A) im so glad he’s a lead somewhere!! i liked him acting in moon embraces the sun.

yes! i watched this before, and i thought it was really cute and innocent. and the boy was cute and shy. not too shy but he was nice ^ ^ i liked the characters in there.

your right about that, he was really sweet xDDD still love that drama very much one of the bests.

also, can you hear my heart’s lead was very sweet and nice xD i loved his character. (just for everyone who didnt watch it). though he wasnt a very very shy person, he was adorably sweet ^ ^ one of the best leads out there.

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Hmm. I don’t remember Siwan from Moon embracing the Sun. I thought I had never seen him until this drama. He is nailing the role in Misaeng!

The main lead from the Taiwanese drama “In a Good Way” was wonderful. He was shy only sometimes, but mostly a very strong character. But he was the definition of nice and intelligent. So different from what is typically expected. It is a slice of life drama and a blast from the past so for some it was really slow and sometimes corny. But I think the relationships felt very realistic and the overall theme of searching for Freedom was enlightening. The search for freedom and holding on to your principles was what kept the whole story together. Yes, I will admit to fangirling every time I see my oppas in Korean dramas, and I am along with everyone else who wishes they could meet them etc etc. But if I were ever asked what character I would marry, I would forego all of them and choose Liu Chuan from this drama, played by actor Lego Li. Hands down. His characters are usually considerate and loving men.

However, I agree with many others that Misaeng is pretty awesome right now. And the character played by Siwan is also wonderful to watch. I love the story and the feeling. It’s my favorite right now. There is of yet no romance in that drama that is discernible, but it feels like it doesn’t really need it. The individual characters are important.


CHYESSS! That’s totally my top pick for a quiet gentlemanly lead.

Queen In Hyun’s Man - Ji Hyun Woo as Kim Bung Do. He was such a cutie! I want my own time-traveling scholar!

I’ll be the third to recommend Misaeng with Siwan as Jang Geu Rae. He’s refreshingly sweet and honest. Lots of fun to root for him.

Lastly, I’m going to say Pinnochio has potential with Lee Jong Suk (who has the most adorable face and expression and eyes) as Choi Dal Po. The reason for him being quiet has to do with past trauma to be certain, but the show is exploring how living quietly was his own way of dealing. And being stupidly cute to his crush, Choi In Ha. ;D


Have you watched smile you?
or 1% of anything

nope! thanks so much for the input. i want a whole list of these dramas lol. never can get enough of a shy boy character xD

share the list i think shy boys are awesome! they make the drama worth the watch

yes! :smiley: confident ones are too ^ ^ they all are but shy boy characters have a place in my heart reserved haha xD they really do make the dramas great xD we’re so used to seeing shy girl characters so it would be nice to see the boys too.

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I can also recommend “I Do I Do”, where the main lead is a young and inexperienced boy who starts to work in a company where the director is a very capable and headstrong lady.

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I think Nam Jung Gi was a slow paced shy man, not a boy, who worried about taking initiative or speak his mind in contrast to the confident and speaking mind co-worker lady.

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He is Scholar Heo. Nam Bo Ra’s wife and Kim Yoo Jung’s oppa.

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Hogu’s Love
My Shy Boss
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Goblin ( 2nd male lead)
Best Hit ( j Hoon)
Secret Garden ( lead males assistant)
My Sassy Girl 2017
Heartstrings ( Min Hyuk’s character)
Rooftop Prince (most of princes men)
Shopping King Louie ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd lead)


“Operation Proposal” is about a boy so shy that he hasn’t dared declare himself for the last 20 years, and loses his chance when his love gets married. But a miracle makes him go back to high school and try to make it right.
It is a very sweet drama I’m watching right now, made in 2012, and the main lead is lovable: how could he not be, it’s our beloved Yoo Seung-ho (“Imaginary Cat”) in his first leading role. The leading lady is Park Eun-bin (“Age of Youth”), and there’s even Go Kyung-pyo as the main lead’s best friend.

They are airing a remake right now, called “Manhole”, where the main guy is very irritating and hyperactive (remember Jim Carrey in his first films, where he was always making faces? that sort of thing, minus the talent). The whole thing has a slapstick quality that completely ruins the sweetness of the original.
They both are based on a Japanese drama, which, however, had an infuriatingly open ending. You just had to rely on a smile to imagine that it ended well. The audience was so pissed that they made a special to make things better.

Operation Proposal is sadly not available on viki, but very easy to find elsewhere.