Any favourite Kdrama locations you've visited in Google streetview?

I have been watching so many Kdramas and it never occurred to me that I could look up some location in Streetview. What I’d really love is to find all the small back streets where they film outside houses, but that is proving to be impossible.

So, has anyone here got any favourites they have looked up? Cheers :slight_smile:

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What you need Mr.Bungles is ‘Seoul Walker’ on YouTube.

This is a guy who takes, typically, around about an hour-long walk all over Seoul. In his own words:

“Hello everyone, I’m Nathan. welcome to my walking tour youtube channel. Seoul Walker is a channel where you can experience as if you’re walking in the cities, including Seoul and also greatly aids your travel in South Korea. Through the channels, you can see various aspects of Korea that you have not seen before, such as early morning, day, night, and rainy evening.”

His videos are shot with a tremendous HD camera and without any commentary. The only soundtrack being the ambient sounds of the city.

He has produced over a hundred such videos.

Now, you may struggle to tie up his tours to specific locations, but you’ll very likely recognise a lot of places.


I love SEOUL WALKER the videos have such brilliant vivid colors and they are relaxing. I saw the store where they filmed Backstreet Rookie and as he passed by you saw regular customers going in and was amazed they actually used a real store. I guessed they filmed during closing hours.


@steviepics_788 I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Especially when I have watched what sounds like similar videos of Tokyo and Los Angeles :flushed:

I’ll definitely be subscribing to that channel. Thank you!

@angelight313_941 I LOVED Backstreet Rookie so very much looking forward to seeing that :slight_smile:


This is probably only interesting to me :flushed: but I’ve begun to notice some locations used in multiple shows.

The big one, is a fairly innocuous location, outside someone’s home. It’s a green gate with some steps that lead upwards, to the left of it. It popped up in the Uncanny Counter 2 when Ha Na goes looking for Moon in his memories. He is sat outside the very same house.

But the main show was, I believe, Young Lady And Gentleman, where is was the young lady’s (Can’t recall the character name) parents home and so a lot of filming was done at this location.

There is also at least one other show where it has appeared. I was curious as to whether the production crew sometimes use their own homes for filming as it does seem peculiar for this very noticeable location to keep popping up. But as I say, I don’t think anyone but me will care :rofl: