Any Korean-English projects out there?

I’m looking for Any Korean dramas to subtitle. I can translate either way. Korea-English or English-Korean. Thanks in advance!

Check out this coming soon channel:

Also, you can browse the old korean dramas. There are some of old K-dramas that really in need of Kor-Eng subbers as it’s not a popular ones so hardly anyone willing to do it, sadly.

Thanks! So for the ‘old and unpopular’ dramas, how would I search for those? When I find them, can I just start subtitling them? Or ask first??

look under the TV menu. And browse it according to its country - so ‘click’ Korea.
There will be lots of dramas like this one:

Regarding subbing it:
It’s a common courtesy that when you want to join a team, first of all you need to send PM to the English Moderator or the Channel Manager to let them know that you’d like to join with their team.

Got it! Thanks!!! :smile:

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