Any Korean Shows with Korean subtitles?

Hi all. Are there any episodes of Korean shows on this website that have Korean subtitles? Trying to improve my ability to recognize spoken Korean. I particularly like Running Man but any show works-- I searched and couldn’t find any with Korean subtitles :frowning:

Shows and Dramas aren´t subtitled in original languaje, I think it´s unnecessary.

I’m looking for such original languages subtitles too. Those are pretty usefull for people learning the language.

I’ve noticed that recent kdrama have korean subtitles available, such as My love from the star. But I was looking for older series and was not as lucky…


Hello! There are some videos with hangul subtitles, the ones I’ve seen are mostly music videos, but I know there are some dramas out there (I’ve seen them) but I don’t think they are complete. I know is not really helpfull since I don’t remember which ones. I just want to give you guys some hope ^^

Ps. I don’t think it’s unnecessary, because mostly is for the hearing impaired. And it’s not only in hangul, it’s used in every language.


There are a lot of people who are studying Korean who have been searching for Korean subtitles to watch along with Korean movies/dramas. I think they’re definitely useful for understanding grammar and expanding vocabulary. 별에서 온 그대 (My Love from the Star), along with Nine are the only two that I’ve found that are fully subbed. I think City Hunter is also partially subbed.
I just don’t think natives have recognized that the need is there.


Very much agreed that captions are handy, whether you’re trying to lean a language, actors are using non-standard dialects, you just didn’t catch the phrase, etc. I think though, that for subbers to, not only make English subs, but also transcribe Korean subs is at least doubling their work. People don’t have that much free time .-.

Anywho, I did a little search, and came across this blog. Maybe you or someone else will find something on the page helpful?

(Btw, so SBS’s VOD site also has some select dramas available with transcripts… And while I believe Viki is about user-generated subs, maybe someone could y’know reference said transcripts and add some more Korean subs to the site. Or something.)


i also lookin for this, just wanna learn about korean a bit…
thanks for the link @scircus

on youtube… if you are watching from a cpu then there are subbed shows of running man

I think The New Leaf has complete Korean subtitles, too.


I think Korean [hangul] subtitles are an absolute necessity. My mother-in-law, lost her hearing a few years back, and we have been looking for a place online, where she can watch her favorite movies and K-Dramas. Although we have been searching for a couple of years now, we have not yet found a sight that offers this feature. Most websites only offer English translations, and my Mother-in-law doesn’t read English very well. So, if anyone knows of a place where she can watch them, please let me know. Thanks.

To the people that suggested that it is not necessary, or a waste of time, to have Korean subtitles for Korean speaking show. People should be more considerate of those who are hard of hearing. These people should have the options of hangul captions. After all, not all Koreans who are hard of hearing, actually live in Korea. It is not only needed as a learning tool. It is a vital necessity for Koreans arounnd the world who are hard of hearing.

Thank you.


Maybe we could promote the use of Korean closed captions here at Viki…

A while ago I watched MLFTS with Korean subs and Do Min Joon talked too fast or my reading is just too slow hahahaha. Maybe I should try again to see if my reading speed has improved a little.


@ajumma2 If you see any others will you post them here?
(I’m also looking Korean subtitled shows.)

I heard that Three Musketeers also has complete Korean subs, if you are in the licensed area.

I just finished captioning “My love Eun Dong” or “사랑하는 은동아”. Although Korean is my native language I haven’t wrote anything in Korean in length so long I forgot about the spacing rules and some of the spellings, so please keep that in mind. Plus I think Korea made modifications standarizing their language too.

I personally enjoyed this series and I hope your mother-in-law enjoys it as well. If you know of any particular shows she’d like to watch, I’ll try to caption it first in my spare time.


I have found a blog that has korean drama transcript for some kdramas such as Who Are You school 2015 and Oh My Venus. Here is the http://practicekorean .weebly .com/ :wink:


There are some dramas on viki with Korean subs. Just search in the explore section for Korean drama subbed in Korean. I sometimes sub from Korean to Korean for fun, but since it is not my native language I only sub the segments I’m definitely sure about and that’s not (yet) alot ^^ As far as I know My love from the Star, The Heirs and Hyde Jekyll & Me are some of the Korean dramas that are fully subbed in Korean. (Every episode 95%+)

If you are into learning Korean by watching videos, try It has many Korean videos (not full length though. They are mostly trailers) where translations are added with some grammar explanations. You can also do dictation exercises.

What if we ask Viki to provide a blank for captions when we subtitle?
Personally I listen to the Korean and write it out first. Then I think about how best to phrase it.

I think it’s super useful because I found them real useful when learning Spanish!!


Thanks so much sune1004!
Do you mind updating on this topic whenever you get a series subbed in Korean?

I find that I really can’t make the leap from my own learning of Korean to understanding everything I hear with English subtitles. It’s too difficult since so many idiomatic phrases and slang are used. I wish there were more Korean speakers willing to do this!

Thanks again, I’m going to watch My love EunDong now :smile: