Any moderator, subtitler and manager interested in doing a fan sub for 'Transit Love'?

Hi guys!

First of all sorry if this isn’t in the right category it is supposed to be in.

I’m a Korean-English subtitler on this plateform and recently I’ve been into a show called ‘Transit Love’. Maybe you’ve heard of it?
I watched it in full Korean since I speak and understand the language but I’ve seen a lot of people willing to watch that show but couldn’t find any english subtitles.

So I’m wondering if any people would be interested in doing such a project? I would be probably looking for moderators, subtitlers and maybe a manager? I’m not sure if feel like having such a responsibility yet.
Also, I’ve never done hardsubs bfore so I don’t really know how we could organize this, but I’m willing to try if someone wants to lead this project.

Let me know if you are interested! Take care.


I can help with Portuguese, it would help you? :heart:

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Hi ! I would be willing to do a KR-ENG first only since the episodes are pretty long.
Thank you for showing interest though. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, unfortunately I just konoz to little of Korean since I started no much long my studies. But when you need something you can write to me! :blush:

Waiting… You look for a CM too?

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I think the whole team will need a supervisor/manager who would organize the google sheets for example. We won’t really have a dedicated channel like on Viki.
Also like I said my only experience is with Viki, I have no idea how this would be done that’s why I probably need someone who has the experience and knowledge for that haha.

I see not that many people answered, so I will let you know for sure! :smile:

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안녕하세요!, I would like to try and help. I’ve worked on segmenting other shows outside of Viki’s platform. There is free software that we can use to do the segmenting and subs. I do understand enough Korean to get around but I am not fluent.

I am a Gold QC here and I’ve done segmenting - I’m an NSSA grad. I’ve also done subtitles, Moderator, Editor, and Channel Manager. I’ve set up spreadsheets for a few shows here too. I’ve done every category except other language subtitles.

You will need a segmenter to fix any errors in timing. The segments are needed to create the subtitles
Would you be the only TE? - Translation Editor for Korean /English subtitles?

The next question is what is the licensing for this show? Is it fansubbing and is that allowed for this show? Where will the finished shows be uploaded? etc.

Let me know if these skills are what you are looking for.

:cherry_blossom: porkypine90_261 :cherry_blossom:


Yes, please, let me know, I’ll help you to manager!

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Oh, hi porkypine! I’ve seen you a lot around here haha.

You seem perfectly qualified for what I am looking for! I was thinking to be either a TE or subtitling the show. Since the content is not that difficult I think I would be able to manage both.

This show is from Tving, maybe you’ve heard of this plateform before. I was also wondering if actually doing subtitles for it would be allowed. I’ve seen a girl doing it on YT but it seems like her uploads have been deleted multiple times…So maybe that’s why.

And finally, I think all the episodes have been uploaded so they are 15 of them but the thing is they are almost 2hours long each.


The length is not a big deal - think of it as a movie.

Are you able to contact that other person to find out why her stuff was taken down? It may be due to licensing since TVING is a large network. The other shows I’ve worked with were short web shows and not big network shows so the licensing was not an issue as long as due credit was given to the show’s originators and no profit was made from the translated shows.

YouTube viewership is huge so anything there that is popular will be noticed and YT does take down anything that they receive complaints about.

You stated that the show does not currently have English subtitles. Why not contact TVING and ask if you may do English translations and if so, what their requirements would be? Might as well do that right upfront and find out what they’d allow rather than have all your work yanked afterwards. :cherry_blossom:

Alternately, You might want to put in a request for Viki to get a license for the show.

Since TVING/Naver/JTBC have basically cornered the market in Korea for streaming and TVING also is a subscription service, Tving probably won’t allow it. But ask anyway. They may let you do subs there.


Oooh, thank you so much for such an insightful answer! I will ry to reach them out, who knows? haha.
I will let you know if I have any updates. Thanks again for being so helpful! Hope to see you around more while doing subs. :relaxed:

Update: Tving isn’t available for non-korean viewers so I guess they don’t really need any english subs…


Good, It’s always good to be upfront and honest about your intentions.

I did some further research on that show - they call it Transfer Love - TVING has restricted the license to South Korea at this time. They also stated that they are making efforts to deliver to a global audience soon so maybe the best option now is to request that VIKI buy the license. Then we can get it subbed to all kinds of languages and you already have a huge number of talented volunteers here to draw from. :innocent:

Get all your friends to make the request. I’ve requested SeoBok and they FINALLY have the license for it. I along with 20,000,000+ :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: other people here have applied to be the Channel Manager for that one. I was third in line so OF COURSE, my chances are… well… equal to anyone else’s chance. :grin:

서복! 서복! 서복! :grin: :rofl: 행복, 행복, 행복하세요!