Any More Dramas About Pets Like My Imaginary Cat?

Pets are rarely seen in Asian Dramas, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this bad-ass boy …

As well as this beautiful queen …

Could you please recommend me similar dramas?

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My collection (which was even featured in Viki’s newsletter) contains drama’s with pets, mostly dogs:

From that list I suggest Let’s Eat as they show Barashi quite a bit so cute:


I was going over the list, checking the ones I’ve already watched … Then… It … Hit … Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! PENG IS SO ADORABLE !!
Thank you soooooooooooooo much !! Have a lovely weekend !!

I loved that cutey doggie.

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Frankly I prefer it if there aren’t any, because of the way they are treated.
In The Undateables, there are two puppies tied on a very short leash in a house’s entrance/yard. Every now and them someone petted them. They also had a little house each. But they were always tied up, and we saw them exactly like that in scene after scene, while they become quite big.
In 17 but 30, everyone makes a big fuss of Peng, but nobody ever takes her for a walk. Or maybe they do but we just don’t see it. However, he or she is not tied up, at least.
We also saw a turtle in Father is Strange, and although the actor character was supposed to adore him, he was disregarded afterwards, when the writers forgot about him. It seems that in dramas animals are no more than props.
Generally - although there are exceptions - I don’t get a vibe of a people of animal lovers.

And… there are still 1700 dog meat farms in Corea.

Of course, as a vegetarian, I don’t feel eating dogs is more shocking than eating lamb or calf or chicken… Yes, dogs are more intelligent and capable of varied and profound feelings, compared to other mammals, but their capacity to feel pain and psychological distress is exactly the same as the others. And that is what matters in this case.

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That was very kind of him indeed. Good job! :heart_eyes::innocent:

I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, so I admit that I, too, eat meat occasionally. Still, I really don’t understand these so-called “farms.” Since the dawn of mankind, we have known never to eat carnivores. Why? Because you will get violently sick. Also, dogs, man, dogs !! They are man’s best friend. Dogs have allowed mankind to evolve beyond its cave dwellings, by voluntarily offering their services, in the form of protection and food and warmth and that which binds us all: Love !! No other creature has done that.

I think showing animals is cute (and they are going for that aww-factor), but I’m also concerned about how animals are treated, for example horses used to be actually injured in dramas, but in most countries that practice has been banned.

But as for the dogs on the leash - yes, in the Undatebles those leashes are short and should preferably be a bit longer at the minimum, but I also think it’s reflective of cultures that don’t have dogs in the house or let loose in the garden.

For example, my family dogs (rottweilers) each have their own dog house outside (much bigger than in the Undateables, I can lie down in there) and they are tied on a leash. My mom takes them off the leash daily and let’s them run around the garden and my brother goes swimming with them and let’s them run around in open nature. But they do live in a culture where it’s normal to leave your dogs on a leash and some people don’t ever let their dogs leave their garden or don’t even have a dog house.

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It also saddens me how they treat animals sometimes… Like dogs on a way to short leach, being outside all day with a way to tiny doghouse, fish in a to tiny tank with hardly any water etc. For my parents dog, Vigo, every day is animal day. I don’t know if this is an universal thing but october 4th is animal day in the Netherlands and usually you give your pet something extra on that day but Vigo get’s quite a few extra’s all year round. He has a nice dog house outside but he sometimes sleeps inside on the couch, his basket or where ever he likes in the living room or kitchen. One of his hobbies is looking outside while sitting in the relax chair by the window. Usually dad sits there while watching tv but when Vigo is sitting there he just sits on the couch. Vigo has various nicknames and one of them is “Prince Vigo” :joy: Yes he’s pretty spoiled :grin: But he’s a good boy…

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Ah, thanks for reminding me. I wonder if they still have these 1+1 sales at the pet shop although it was yesterday? Dang, I had forgotten it!

I’m glad other people have noticed the lack of animals in dramas! I’m a big animal lover, I have a dog, cat, and a whole bunch of chickens, so I like to see animals get a role in dramas, as long as they are well treated. Every time I see horses (they are my favorite animals) being ridden in dramas or movies (American or otherwise), I’m always watching to see how the rider is treating the horse, and boy, do many of the riders hurt the horses! They pull so hard on the bit, they kick the horse too hard…I feel bad for the horses, so when I do see someone who knows how to ride, I get so relieved. Anyways, I hope there are other dramas and shows where the animals are well treated and have a role in the drama other than being cute (not that there’s anything wrong with being cute :slight_smile: )


Not really. If being cute is enough, then you have “Thirty but Seventeen” and “Beauty Within” (the series, not yet on viki but widely available elsewhere). Of course they are the kind of dog that I like the least, the ones that look like dolls, to be carried in the arms or stay on a couch.
My favourite dog in the world is called pastore maremmano abruzzese (sheepdog of the Maremma, which is a part of Italy) I also love their resilient, no-nonsense, independent character.


Hmm, I’ll have to check out those dramas. I saw My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and I was pleasantly surprised with the addition of the dog in the show, and it was very well behaved too!
Ooh, what a pretty dog! They remind me of Great Pyrenees with their color and general body shape. There is a horse breed called the Maremmano, they originate from Maremma :smiley: I didn’t know there was a dog breed from that region too. My favorite dog breeds are the English Mastiff and the Armenian Gampr, also called the Armenian Wolfhound.
This is the Maremmano

This is the Armenian Gampr

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