Any Russian speakers out there?

I’ve been on Viki for a while but there seem to be very few Russian subtitlers (I’ve only met one aside myself.) Just here to make friends and find fellow Russian speakers or people with an interest in the language/culture :slight_smile:


Russian is one of my favourite languages and I did learn it at some point, but got extremely rusty by now.
I’m Dutch, by the way.

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I am learning Russian, Not sure if that counts. grins

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Do you listen to Russian music too? It helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the links! I think I like a few of those already. I actually have been trying to find Russian music I like for awhile. There has been some music I have found and liked, but not all of it. I have been trying to watch some Russian movies too. When I watch it I try to repeat the words. I am taking classes for Russian so it helps to be able to practice with a native speaker. smiles

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What kind of music do you normally listen to?
Maybe your teacher could also give you some music recommendations. :slight_smile:

I listen to rock, and pop, just about everything. From rocks to oldies like “What a wonderful world” The main thing I look for in songs is a good beat and good lyrics. I tend to be ok with random songs. I tend to like all music expect for rap because that tends to a little…rude…I have some rappers I found that I like, such as NF(American Rapper). I like the fact he keeps his lyrics clean. I don’t mind some stuff. I just prefer that not every lyric in the song be about something explicit. I am going to ask my teacher for some, that is a good idea.

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Funny thing is that with a language you don’t fully know yet, you may not always realise whether it’s rude or not … :wink:

Do you know the Latvian band Prāta Vētra (internationally known as Brainstorm)? They have songs in Latvian, Russian and English:

Here they sing together with Bi-2 (from Belarus):

Oh, and here’s a Russian song from the eighties! :laughing:

And here a song from a legendary Dutch band, covered by a Russian band! :sunglasses:

Since we are on Viki, we can of course not ignore Viktor Tsoi (and his band Kino):

Leto is a movie based on the life of Viktor Tsoi:

The Red Army Choir:

Isn’t this cute?

Another nice song:

Oooh, look at that kitten! :cat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

One more then?

Oh, well …

Okay, last one:

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Thank you so much! I just a started listening to them. There are so many cool songs here. This actually helps a lot. The Victor Tsoi is pretty awesome. grins

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