Any series similar storytelling-wise to The that I can avoid them!

Up until this series I have really enjoyed every Kdrama I have watched. But boy have I had to watch this one through gritted teeth!

The sheer amount of contrivances is ridiculous and I hate to say it, smacks of lazy writing. How many times in it has someone discussed something important/secret, only for the one person who shouldn’t know about it, just happen to be eavesdropping. It’s nuts!

Not to mention the number of cliffhangers where it seems someone has been caught out, only for the next episode to not play out exactly as the last episode ended. They definitely filmed varying sequences just to fool the viewer…cheap!

I’ve only stuck with it because Eugene is gorgeous and Lee Ji Ah is not only gorgeous but has the best pair of legs I have ever seen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So, I really can’t stomach another series with as many silly twists as this one. If there are any out there which are just as bad. Let me know please :slight_smile: Cheers!


The Penthouse is part of a genre known as “makjangs.” They usually have all the elements you just listed. Mostly, look out for posters with a dark theme and a huge cast of rich, evil-looking people. It will also usually have a huuuge SK viewership rating…

SKY Castle
Love ft. Marriage and Divorce
World of the Married


Ah ok. I decided to read a few reviews after finishing all three series and wondered what makjang was as I saw it mentioned a few times. Interestingly, I see that The Penthouse won both best series and also worst series (due to the third season). I normally like series to get renewed as I enjoy spending time with the characters. But this is a rare instance where I feel it should have ended with season two.

It didn’t help that it had some of the worst miming for the singers that I have ever seen :blush: But also something I haven’t seen for decades, the worst sped up car chases ever!

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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