Looking for the worst drama suggestion

Wow she’s lucky 5 husband in one shot (lucky bee), and I hope they were all cute. I mean is only fantasy I know… since men get to have more than 1 wife in some countries, but I never heard of women getting to have several ‘‘hubbys’’

Chinese writers are not creative enough to make that drama story work out. i know it was a flop.

The cat drama was ridiculously funny especially the cat part. It was laughable so I enjoyed the crazy no logic story. For some reason it reminded me of several I’ve seen in my childhood (different version but funny to me)


Nope, nothing bad I can say about this drama either, so not strictly a nominee for this topic (other than somewhere to post it as a good recommend :stuck_out_tongue:) it was everything as you described, the comedy had me literally laughing out loud and after a while I had to know the solution to each case and who would end up with whom that I ended up binging it in one go.
Just about the only bad thing I could say about it was a few of the episodes ends with a dead stop freeze frame for a second or two before the credit starts rolling. (EP 20 was one) I’m so engrossed in the show that every time they did one of those I automatically think “Aaagh! The internet’s frozen!” Every time!

Precious quotes:

“Don’t touch my armpits! I don’t want to get pregnant!”


That story is a real thing people tell kids? I didn’t know! It’s not funny anymore now. :flushed: And why on earth would boys ever touch girls’ armpits, whatever the consequences? Lies my elders used to tell us were stuff like “If you eat a fruit seed, a tree will grow in your stomach” and we’d be all scared and terrified :joy:

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ohhh I understand it way better now :sweat_smile: Thank you for that! I’m blessed to have lots and lots of grandparents (my ‘proper’ grandparents have six or seven siblings each). Since my brother and I are the only kids who come every single Christmas for family reunions, we’re considered everyone’s grandkids. That’s why I love spending time with older people and very small children more than people my age sometimes :sweat_smile:


When I was in kindergarten, there was a rumor running around my class that if you swallowed grape seeds, the seeds would grow in your stomach. This was before the advent of seedless grapes.

Also, two other little girls had a solemn discussion about how, if you got poked in the eye, “the black spot” (pupil) would leak out on your face, and you would be blind.

My parents always made sure to give me and my sisters information about our bodies that was as understandable as they could make it for our pre-school brains, so I immediately thought, “You are so stupid!”

And began a sad career in education because, from then until graduation from high school, I could not stop announcing it to people.

My parents’ love of informational accuracy backfired when I started fifth grade, made a comment in homeroom to some little girl, got overheard by the teacher, and was given the homework of writing (one hundred times), “I will not talk in class.” Momma was not happy.

That’s when I learned that Scotch-Irish Presbyterians can do malocchio very well. Hell hath no fury like a mama disobeyed.


(from Korea in Beauty)

And here is the power of nature, love, beauty, compassion, and mostly good humor who was my Momma in 1944, age 19.

My grandmother had the photo on her mantelpiece for years along with pictures of my five aunts, sons-in-law, grandchildren, her parents and cousins. You think Korean genealogy is complex? Ha!


To stay on topic, There is a family drama I saw on DramaFever that turned me from K-dramas to T-dramas for a while. (T-dramas do family crankiness very charmingly, if I can put it that way.) It was in the early days of “The Wave,” and I don’t think that Korean TV networks quite understood how valuable it might be to tone down the theme that seemed to run through the story line.

“You can’t marry him because he’s not Korean/not Korean-looking enough. You ESPECIALLY can’t marry him because he can’t even speak Korean, uses chopsticks like a moron, and doesn’t know how to tell your Halmoni from his elbow. Will he be allowed to get within a thousand pyeongs of our family register? Hell, no!”

Plus production values were TER. RIB. BLE.

As usual, I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye . . . but of course, gentle reader, you cannot.


I found this unwitting suggestion, hope it hits the spot! :joy::rofl:


I know I’m very late replying to this, but I’m only just reading through this topic. But I thought it would be remiss of not to reply and show you the YouTube channel linked below

If you like comparing real history to Hollywood films, you’ll probably like a YouTube channel called ‘history buffs’

As you can imagine some of the sins that Hollywood commits are pretty unbelievable :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I loved both Braveheart and Rob Roy, but wow did those movies mess with history.

Last of the Mohicans was a really great movie IMHO and it drew fairly accurately on historical information, but it made no attempt to stick to the early 1800s novel it was taken from.

It seems that, the more money Hollywood spends on making a movie, the less Hollywood desires truth, accuracy, fairness, and objectivity.

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I’ve long dropped the above drama, I just couldn’t get through watching.

This next one I’m recommending I’ve actually watched to the end. There is a chunk of an element missing, that goes into making any film. If you do watch, or have already watched, do you agree? I really can’t believe Allen Ren took on this script.

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Now that’s funny? :joy: Let’s stretch our imagination, could it be an ancient pagoda? :rofl::laughing::laughing::rofl:


I have to admit I like to watch the bad ones as wel as the good ones, watching a bad one is like a trainwreck you know is going to happen but you can’t turn away from


I would recommend:

Lo and Behold: The Silent Criminal
I seriously don’t understand what I was thinking before giving this drama a start. I had just finished The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty, and I thought maybe to have another Crime, Mystery, Puzzle-Solving, whatsoever drama to watch. (You know what I mean.)

And, so I went to The Silent Criminal. First thing, I don’t know the reason of it being named so. I don’t see any silent criminal anywhere. :upside_down_face:

Second thing, the Comedy is amazing in this drama. I am serious on this note. If you want to have a good laugh, this one is a great choice for you. It’s amazing with its comedic style.

About, the story (the plot), don’t expect a great one from it. It is a 13-episodes drama. You miss somethings, some things are overboard, some things are never mentioned. The story is a lot lackey. The one storyline is all over the place… They just wanted to shove it on your face, but never got the chance to do so, I guess.

The Acting… It is good in that department. I would say so… For the actors and actresses to be in such characters, and actually pulling off those characters… I don’t see any reason for them not being awarded Oscar Awards. Acting is great… They really look like characters.

The CGI… There are a few times when you would experience… But, the entire blowing thing in the last episode… I don’t know… You can check it out…

You can just check it out…


Haha! I do! :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ve also watched shows that was a find, and went looking for something similar, and got bamboozled. :rofl: I loved The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty. Finding similar works is like mining on Viki. Sometimes you find gold, or whatever gem you’re mining, and other times you come up out the mountains empty.

Kind of like, here! Here! Here! :joy: Ha! They even gave themselves the hand. :raised_hand: :rofl:


I’m just finishing off the last 3 episodes of New Life Begins (it may or may not be purely because Tian Xi Wei is FL :roll_eyes::point_right::point_left: ) but I just had at peek at your recommend and no sooner than EP.1 4:19sec in, I had to hit rewind as I thought I had already missed something and gotten confused :thinking:
No! It was a flashback to 3:51sec in terms of continuity! Seriously?! A flashback in under 5 minutes of a show to explain what happened to the trespassers that you were showing just some 25 seconds ago!! Wow…
I better go finish New Life first, as I’m getting the feeling I’m going to have to concentrate fully on this one and there maybe a test afterwards.


I have read different places that Pachinko, Eve, Nevertheless, and Snowdrop were banned in Korea due to explicitly sexual and “violant” themes. And those blogging about these dramas seem to equate “violance” with a drama being bad (as in badly written, filmed, or whatever).

I personally had a hard time watching Eve because it was so obvious how it was going to end, and the mean and nasty rich people out to get the cheating husband were really, for me, way too much. I have issues with any drama that shows women being harmed, driven crazy, raped, or whatever. And the FL changing her designer clothes and shoes and eyeliner every five minutes was annoying.

But Eve started out well. And every other drama I’ve listed has had excellent reviews.

A highly unsatisfying “Asianese” drama I’ve watched is Café Minamdang on N-tfl-x. The writers did not seem to know who their audience was. It started out as a comedy, veered into tragedy, jumped in and out of the supernatural, and did not know how to be convincingly romantic. The ML and FL were way too old to be believable in their roles. It was just a mess. I liked the SFL and SML better than the ML and the FL and stuck with it as long as I did because of them.


PERSONALLY, the worst drama suggestions are those that some people want to suggest to others without adding that the choice of dramas we/you/others suggest; is your own personal taste, and you might not like it or find it to be such a great drama after all. That is why I never watch a drama suggested by others without making sure I watch the TRAILER, and make a decision from there if I will continue to watch or not.

I learned one thing, and that is to watch Asian Dramas without expecting to be impressed about them, and accepting that it will be pretty much the same thing we watch in so many other dramas. The only thing they change is the actor/actress, and some of them do make the drama work for us, but it gets tiring and boring to see the same pattern in the romance department so the worse drama suggestion to me are THE ROMANTIC dramas bc they are so predictable.

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A colleague of mine absolutely loves horrors and would recommend this or that, despite knowing that horrors are my least liked genre. Although I don’t enjoy horrors, I do understand that in his opinion a particular film is good for the same reasons if I were to recommend him a good sci-fi film. (or romance :no_good_man: :rofl:)

We would be able to cite which move/drama would take the title of being the worse because of multiple failings,
Bad acting.
Rubbish plot.
Disjointed editing.
Cheap or terrible CGI/special effects.
Scenes that breaks suspension of disbelief.
Accumulate enough of these failings to eventually become a worthy nominee of a how not to award.

While you would have no interest in having romance genre being recommended to you for the reasons you stated, it remains that within the romance genre there will be the greatest romantic drama ever by way of majority opinion amongst romance aficionados, some hidden gems …and a downright stinker of a romance drama/film ever!
Such that you can generalise that you find romance dramas predictable but one sticks out in particular because not only was it predictable but the leads had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever and it shows that they didn’t like each other on set, a complete fail for a romance.
Wow! Really? I got to see that one for when they shoot daggers at each other! :dagger: :dagger: :bomb:

That would be true of any genre, there will be a few that fails so spectacularly to be good (not intentionally) that they become entertaining in itself.

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Trailers for a drama are very important to me. They are made up of what a drama’s creators think will grab an audience’s attention. They usually cut out all the “filler” and provide the essence.

I say usually because sometimes a trailer has nothing to do with how a drama plays out from start to finish. I have started watching dramas with high hopes and have been disappointed by characters or plots that aren’t interesting at all.

Those are what I’d call “bait and switch” trailers.

Here, have a filet mignon. Oops, sorry, we just ran out; how about some dried squid?


Haha! :smile: @ninjas_with_onions, they’ve made a recent worst drama, just right for this thread. :joy:
Based on the comments alone, it qualifies. Do check this shows’ comments.

Overall, the script writing seems to be the key :old_key::key: that plunges it! :joy:
I mean, how can you have leading characters, looking like whimps about to cry, as if they are waiting for their students to rescue them, and letting the student have such a commanding voice in major sect decisions.

The end of episode 28 throws light on the script writer’s attempt at revelation. :smirk:
Hence the correct consensus on a script not written the best. The audience likes to be clued in, not muffled, or insulted for that matter, never muffle your audience.
:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: This comes to mind. :smile::laughing::wink:
:writing_hand: The pen is mightier than the sword. :person_fencing: