Any series similar to Rugal?

I’m looking for any kind of series where someone has special power/extra power. Not like the God or Goblin stories, but characters that don’t have superhuman strength or magic, but are like the characters in Rugal. Six Million Dollar man type stuff?

I really like it when the lead character is a badass and can easily wipe out a huge group of guys at once for some reason :slight_smile:

Thanks and happy new year!!

But he is someone who wants to be a recognized as a human and tries to hide his bionic power, if my memory doesn’t fail me.

There was at least one more drama of that kind in the over thousand I watched, well, the title doesn’t come up.

Happy New Year!

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You can check out the following:



These are the only ones that I remember according to your description:

The leads have extra-human strength but they are not supernatural. They have high intelligence and some sensing powers but that doesn’t make them some kind of supernatural being.
At this point, I can also mention:

Right now, I am able to remember only them. If I some such drama pass through my eyes, I will message you. :grinning: :relaxed:

Considering Strong Girl Do Bong-soon, I think of the following drama:

I think you would also like:

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there is a recommendation function at MDL, I just forgot about it

It might have a slightly different aspect, but it is not about mystical power but kind of another specimen? Did you see this movie by chance?

At the moment there are only 3 dramas on my mind about kick-ass women, but that’s all they did no bionic part on them, like Angry Mom, Protect My Boss or Empress Ki or even this one

but still not what you are looking for

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Some great recommendations there. Thank you so much!
I’d forgotten to mention that anything like Strong Girl Bong-Soon, which I absolutely loved as well :slight_smile:

I wasn’t too fond of the drama, but it would sometimes help, if you would mention what you liked about it. For now, I assume that you like leads with a backbone, who are not afraid to use their fists if needed … And some humor on the side …


@lutra I’m really easy when it comes to the actual story and characters. I’ll watch anything…romance, horror, comedy, thriller. It’s just I sometimes I’ll really miss a drama and want to watch something similar as I’m not really big on repeat viewings of things :slight_smile: But want to stay in the same kind of universe.

But the lead girl in Strong Girl Bong-Soon (her name escapes me at the moment) is my absolute number one crush, so errr, yeah :slight_smile: Having said that, I’m finding I now have dozens of crushes on Korean actresses. Bit of a shallow reason for watching I know, but they are all so beautiful!

I’ve just fallen madly in love with Korea so anything and everything. I just have a leaning towards an unassuming lead character who can kick ass :smiley:

Thanks so much for the recommendations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Before I had recommended you check out ISLAND on… PRIME because the Female Lead can kick ‘ass’’ and she’s also very pretty. But it does involve some religion somehow, God’s, shaman and that’s what makes the story weirdly different and entertaining. The combination of actors is amazingly; almost perfect. I watched RUGAL a while back on NETFLIX and I loved it too. Lee Da Hee can fight and I love to see females in those action roles so I hope you can check it out, too.

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Thanks @angelight313_941 I will definitely check out ISLAND for sure :blush:

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