Any shows like Backstreet Rookie or Homemade Love Story, that have really nice studio street sets?

It almost blew my wig off when I saw the end of Backstreet Rookie and saw that all those street/shop scenes were a film set. With Homemade Love Story it was obviously a film set for the main street, but amazingly built.

I was wondering if there were any other shows featuring a lot of the same street scenes where it is actually a film set? Bit of an odd request I know :slight_smile: Only interested in street sets, the indoor sets they build are really quite phenomenal as well though! Cheers

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Maybe this one, there is the house where the family lives, the shop of the father, the chicken shop I think it belonged to another family member, a part of the street and even another path a few steps down where benches are …

I am not sure though but think it is all studio setting.


What Happens To My Family was also the first show I thought of after reading the question.


Excellent :slight_smile: Thank you both!!

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Started watching this now and that set is indeed lovely :slight_smile: I don’t know what it is, but I always think “yep, I could live there quite happily” :smiley:

It’s not quite up there with Backstreet Rookies set, but like Homemade Love Story, this feels cozy and more homely. I can’t believe the attention to detail that they put into these things.