What happens to my family

What do you think about the drama “what happens to my family”?

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I think it’s a great family-themed series. It has a lot of genres and side-stories and I like how each character, no matter how big or small, has his/her own storyline. The main story is also very interesting.
I liked it enough to translate it to Dutch.

How far along are you with the series?

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I loved it! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :+1:
Keep watching! You will, too! :wave::thinking:

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This is a great and lively series, I liked it a lot, there was a typical family chaos with hilarious and sad scenes, loved all the actors, I enjoyed these 2 love birds Kim Sang Kyung (The Crowned Clown, Poong, the Joseons Psychiatrist 1&2), he’s always innocently funny and of course Kim Hyung Joo :wink: