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OK Viki community—it is Spring Break, and I am very bored. Also, this is really the only time I have to watch dramas b/c I actually have no free time during the school year! This is a list of all the dramas I have watched, and my ratings of them. Any suggestions are welcome, but I’d like some that you guys think I would enjoy based on the dramas I gave high (8 and above) ratings to!! Side note: I am currently watching two on-air dramas–Hyde, Jekyll, and Me & Mischievous Kiss 2. Although…I kind of stopped watching Hyde… :smile:

Stars Falling From The Sky- 10/10

You’re Beautiful- 8/10

Shut Up & Let’s Go- 11/10 (hehehe Eye Candy forever!!)

Manny- 6/10

Coffee Prince- 10/10

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon- 8/10

Secret Garden- 9.5/10

Oh! My Lady- 10/10

Mars- 9/10

Personal Taste- 6.5/10

Easy Fortune Happy Life- 7/10

Beautiful Man- 6.5/10

My Princess- 7/10

I Need Romance 3- 7/10

When A Man Loves- 6/10

Mischievous Kiss- 7.5/10

Scent of a Woman- 9.5/10

Snow Queen- 8/10

Panda & Hedgehog- 7/10

The Heirs 7/10

Autumn’s Concerto- 10/10

Kill Me, Heal Me is a must watch in my opinion, just as It’s Okay, That’s Love! I don’t know if you will like them but I really enjoyed watching both of them. Also they both deal with mental illness, so I don’t know if that’s the kind of topic you want to watch dramas about :wink:

If you don’t mind other languages you should try “Full House - Thai version”. It’s actually on viki as a fan channel and I simply loved that one. Since you love eye candy - the main is so much eyecandy in my opinion :smiley:


Hi everyone!! Cunning single lady is a must watch just as Birth of a beauty among others… and to all the latin people out there here is a new blog that´s quite funny they actually give the news as if you were talking to your friends about it so if you wanna learn about dramas,movies,music,etc. you can go to they also started a podcast go ahead and support this girls!!

Para la comunidad latina especialmente centroamericana que nos cuesta encontrar noticias en nuestro idioma aca les dejo el siguiente blog donde pueden enterarse de la cultura, musica,dramas,etc. apoyemos a estas chicas!

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll BIG EVIL GRIN where should we begin…insert evil laugh here

My Love From the Star sorry couldn’t find the eng sub version but gives you an idea

Master’s Sun

Gu Family Book

Bride of the Century



Queen In Hyun’s Man

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

I Hear Your Voice

Good Doctor

Gap Dong

God’s Gift 14 Days

Full House

Greatest Love

Boys Over Flowers



Sungkyunkwan Scandal
My Girl

The Moon Embraces the Sun

Sweet 18

TW Dramas

Just You

Devil Beside You

Skip Beat



Japanese Drama

**Zettai Kareshi **

Last Cinderella

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Hana Yori Dango

Nobuta wo Produce

Hanazakari no kimi tachi e

Ouran High School Host Club

Rich Man, Poor Woman

are just a few off the top of my head let me know if you also watch Asian movies ROFLMFAO

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oh wow!!! thanks so much!!! can you give me your top 2 or 3 from each of those categories?? :smile: :kissing_heart:

Hands down My Love From The Star and Master’s Sun are MUST see dramas my husband even watched them with me and loved them. I forgot to add Shine of Go Crazy but it isn’t done yet so there is still a chance that they F up the ending and I than hate it

TW dramas aren’t for everyone but I really liked Devil Beside Me and I should of had Meteor Garden it was the very first drama I ever watched completely by accident when I was looking for Hana Yori Dango anime way backkkkkkkkkkkk been hooked on dramas ever since

Current fave Japanese drama is Last Cinderella can totally related to falling in love with a younger man my husband is 12 years younger sooooooooo needless to say this love story to me is special that and the main lead is to dieeeeeeeeeee for HOT than it would be Rich Man Poor Woman had a great story-line the others are great too but they definitely have more of a live anime feel to them so it all depends on what you can and can not handle LOL

But all of them listed were all ones I have either watched again or have plans to rewatch with my husband so all i can say is watch the trailers and see what clicks or catches your interest and go from there I’ve watched 100s of dramas it kinda scary but it helps me kill the time while I wait to talk to my husband on skype :’( there a few really great movies out too that I will recommend at another time hubby just came online YAY!!! So best of luck and ENJOY every drama has it own unique story and fond memories keep me posted on what you thought and what you like… =^o.-^=

Of the Korean dramas listed above, I really enjoyed:
My Love from Another Star
Master’s Sun
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
I Hear Your Voice

My Love from Another Star, Master’s Sun, and I Hear Your Voice all have a supernatural element to them, which I love but isn’t everyone’s preference. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a period piece, which it doesn’t look like you’ve watched much but it’s a fun, “modern” introduction to that genre if you’re interested.

A few others that you may enjoy based on your list:
School 2013
Emergency Couple
I Miss You (this one is very dark and deals with some significant abuse throughout the show, just so you’re aware)

You may also enjoy Take Care of the Young Lady and Goong (aka Princess Hour). They’re not my personal favorites but it’s the same actress as in Coffee Prince and I Miss You with similar forced companionship to Stars Falling From the Sky and Oh! My Lady.

Hope that helps narrow down your choice a bit! Enjoy and happy watching!

Some of my personal favorites: Shark (Revenge dramas are awesome), Skip Beat! (Donghae though… Swoons!), Code Blue/Doctor Heli (If you like medical dramas), Good Doctor (One of the few dramas that I shed tears during. One of the best dramas I’ve ever watched), I Do? (Taiwanese Drama), I Love You So Much (It’s a really inspiring drama that revolves around makeup and has an amazing message about appearances), Anything with Blue Lan, Alice In Wonder City (You can find it on viki!), When Love Walked In (Zhou Mi was amazing in this drama, I loved every second of it!), God’s Quiz Seasons 1-4 (I rewatch this medical drama every year… it’s really addicting!)

This list is excellent. Recently, I finished I Hear Your Voice and it is truly one of the best I have seen. I adored Last Cinderella and My Girl. I still need to see Goong.

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