Any Ubuntu/Linux user at Viki?

I wondered, if there are any Ubuntu/Linux user out there. I am using 14.04 LTS at the moment, but soon to upgrade to the new 16 version.

As viki does not support Linux, since most of the people use Windows.
I wanted to know, if my taste is that “unique” in here?

Right now I have some trouble with the new video html5 format but since it is only at viki a problem, I think it must be related to the firefox, as I still have version 47.0 running, or some specific “codecs” (I am not sure if I use the right word here, I am not that of an expert in html5 at all, might be soon while “working” with it) viki uses at the video player.

I tried the small Ubuntu browser and it has some nice screen size for the video format but not all is well, since there is “white lightening effect” while playing videos, and it only seems to work with older video material, no HD dramas from today, and the full screen option does not work. I know, the screen shot is an on air drama but, I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes, not an episode like on the older drama.

The firefox gives me a head ache with script warnings, and even if that is gone, takes a lot of time, it’s not running smooth you got to use the 10 sec buttons to push the video, and subtitles don’t look as nice …

It would be nice to get some feed back^^


One day I want to try the Unbuntu/Linux software when I have really more time.

" I know, the screen shot is an on air drama but, I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes, not an episode like on the older drama." - what do you mean, did the videoplayer not run longer?
@lutra I suggest also to post this post under this ongoing topic:

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I came to like Ubuntu a lot. Since I experience a bigger freedom as a user, I can upgrade when I want to. And the system runs smoother compared to another company I used. I like the simple appearance but yes, I had that other company once too. But since I had to change the system and I didn’t like any of the 3 versions that were out. I tried Ubuntu, originally I just wanted to use it, as a “temporary solution”, until the next version of the other company was released but now I feel so comfortable with it, that I try to stick with it. Even having some deficits.

I need to upgrade my Ubuntu version but need to do some “work” on my device too, so I postponed it for now and live with less drama in my life.

Anyway, I already have opened a ticket at Viki. it might be related to me using Firefox 47.0, but running a html5test it only has some minor points more, after the update. So I wondered were the crucial parts are?

About the new player, I could watch the Wednesday episode of DON’T DARE TO DREAM, it took me more than 2 hours, since then I only try if the video might run smoother, but there are so many skript warnings, that I have to give it some time, about 20 clicks, and then it’s still halting and I need to use either 10 secs back or forth button.

The only other option I have is the ubuntu browser based on chrome, it’s only a light weight version, might be the reason, why I actually get to see something, but there it seems only videos that are old enough to not meet today’s resolution are running, with minor side effects. HD dramas are not working either and I won’t be able to use the 10 secs buttons.

I will probably post some info about this at the new player discussion too, I just was curious, if there were any other Ubuntu user here, sees I really have an exotic taste. :wink:

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Interesting about Unbutu, I think it doesn’t also heat the laptop as much as the windows, there are too many processes running with that program and I def not would want w10!

The link of that group I sent is because the viki technician is following all the issues about the player and he tries to fix what’s not working, he is collecting all the info and issues people have, so I think it is still a good idea to mention your issue there, there might be other people with same issues. I read about the 10 secs button in that group with another browser…

The support via ticket may take bit longer.

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I don’t know why, but it seems that after I had a problem that was taking quite some time. I am lucky, the ticket is in process, now the “ball” is in my field and I don’t know, if I will be quick enough, they actually directed me to install google chrome for Ubuntu. I don’t know, not sure if I should do it, still hesitating.

My first thought is to first safe my data, just in case everything will crash and in the worst case have to re-install. I just wished as always they wouldn’t have surprised us like this. I have about 80 days left for making some contribution for the Viki Pass and suddenly that time span seems so short.

About Ubuntu, yes, I am using it on my net book and it is really fast and it has everything I need, when i had a trial version of the system you named, haha, it was slow not only while writing, or working. The start and closing issue took too long, I won’t say anything about the browser but well FF was always my favourite one …

If your device has enough space you can add Ubuntu parallel to Windows and try it out.

Lutra, do you want to join to sub Take Off2 it’s just a movie, I have now only 2 subbers. The showing is 19.10. but we need to wait first for english subs. - PM on viki or kkt if you are in the Anfragenchatgruppe :slight_smile:
I would perhaps search some forum to find out more about that googlechrome browser for ubuntu,
you can also use for search engine… Im not a big fan of googlechrome nor gmail
I’m really not sure which browser is the best… Im using Opera for viki video player, IE is buggy.

Sorry, I have 2 or 3 more projects to subtitle, it’s not that I am not having something to translate more like me not having the time. Then I wanted to come back and I couldn’t communicate at discussions nor at the support center. Now those problems are gone and there is the next one. Before I do any changes at all, I will the subtitle editor and check, if I can even open/work with it both of my projects are older dramas so maybe, if I am lucky …

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So most likely the problem is fixed for you now, but for any new Linux/Ubuntu users, if you have a problem with the video, as in it won’t play. Try sudo apt install libavcodec-extra in your terminal. Make sure DRM playback is enabled in firefox, if that is your browser of choice.

Had problems myself, so I’m just spreading the info. LINUX FOREVER!!


LOL Yes, I am back with Windows, even I miss Ubuntu, but to keep up with programs I needed Win 10. So here I am but still Ubuntu was very user-friendly.
Have a good time.

One way to have viki on linux is to install Kodi (leia). Than add the viki addon. Works perfectly.
Back slash “\” toggles from window mode to full screen.

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Unfortunately my notebook that had Linux broke down and the new one had Win10 already installed and since I had to learn to work with Win again, I just got used to it.
But sometimes I wished Linus was more in use.

Four years later, your solution still works. Tysm.


If anyone still needs it, @manganese might have some tips.

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@mirjam_465 … You’ve got a good memory!

If anyone is interested, I had a run of really bad luck last year and it was running Ubuntu (a Linux operating system) on an old computer that saved the day for me. I now run Ubuntu and Windows on my latest whizz-bang system so that if Windows stops working, I can use Ubuntu to access Viki and work on subs/segs.


Glad I could help.

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@manganese dual booting OS’s? If so, you are a brave one :grimacing:. I
would probably have each OS on a separate drive

I have used Linux in the past t mainly on older machines that would not run windows to well these days.

Most video streaming services should work with Linux these days. Although, in my experience, you’ll have more luck with the distribution that is Debian-based such as Ubuntu or a distribution which is in turn based Ubuntu such as Linux Mint. Red Hat/rpm-based distributions can sometimes be a bit more tricky.

You’ll usually find that even the streaming services that still swear blind. They don’t support Linux in any official capacity. Unofficially do.


I’m an Ubuntu fan. I have no experience with other flavours of Linux. Ubuntu has gotten me out of a few computer problems over the years. I ran a dual booting system 10 years ago without any issues. With my newest computer, when I bought it last year, I decided to go dual booting again. The latest version of Ubuntu is much friendlier to use than the previous versions I was familiar with. I’m loving it!