Any Urdu/Hindi Speakers here?

Just wondering… There’s a new category for all your discussions, so please post any related posts here.

Hi, didn’t think there was this section, but Hi. I’m the Hindi speaking one (well, learned everything from watching a gigantic enormous amount of bollywood movies from when I was young).

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Hey! Interesting.How long did that take? Must’ve been hard.

i too learnt hindi the same way

I didn’t even notice, I was really young at the time, and basically since we own a shop, movies came in every week (plus my parents are Indian themselves - Punjabi) even though I understand everything, when I speak it’s like jumble of Punjabi and Hindi since I never properly learned, but I do understand everything ^^

Lol, I just wist I’d watched like other language shows/movies as well when I was younger, then I might have been speaking even more languages ^^

Then can you suggest some indian drama on viki or for viki to add .

Oh. Okay. Then that you’re Indian too lol. I know Urdu, but I have my mistakes. It’s not perfect. I thought you learned it another way. I get you : )

lol. I think there’s enough that need to be subbed right now. Same with the Pakistani shows. At least Indian shows get more contributors. Its hard finding someone to contribute for Pakistani shows. Now, I keep a mental list of people to contact lol.

I’m assuming most people learn that way when they dont grow up in their native country. Join the club.

For some reason, Viki doesn’t license indian shows or anything, so all you really need if you want a show to be available here is start a channel yourself (only if you really like the show) otherwise you can not handle the headache that’s coming your way because most are over a 100 episodes long. For example, a channel I started myself 2 years ago or sth. is Dekha Ek khwab - but it went on a year or more hiatus because the videos weren’t available anymore (the project is back on now, but trying to solve the problem was stressful as hell) . It honestly takes a lot of work, and it’d be great if Viki would like provide videos so that at least this doesn’t happen.

Yeah, but the only reason I know Hindi is because of watching an overload of movies , because my parents are Punjabi (which I’ve noticed is quite different) it’s whole mumble jumble, I think Urdu comes with it too in a way (my mom considers it to be one of the politest languages ever)

True. The shows are reaaaaaaly long.

Hello. I’m learing hindi and urdu at the univeristy, so I know beginner hindi :slight_smile: But I can understand a lot of sentences in hindi and urdu, actually I understand more than I can say :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it’s true, urdu is very polite language :stuck_out_tongue: I think that sometimes it’s too much polite XD