Anybody ever watched "Can you hear my heart"?

first off, i just want to say PLEASE NO SPOILERS, PLEASE. lol dont even tell me if the ending is good or not, i dont want to know LOL. since, im only up to episode 19 right now xD

anyways, i just recently started watching this drama, and its SO GOOD! im curious to know if anyone else has watched it, and if anyone was falling hard for Kim jae won like i am right now O.O he’s so cute! i also love joon ha… i know i know, spoiler he’s not the best character, but i really like him!
also, i really think he (Namgoong Min) looks allot like yonghwa to me, while kim jae won looks like lee jong suk xD but thats just me. anyways, i love the drama in this drama! it never leaves me bored. im hooked! once im done with this drama, ill encourage thoughts on the whole thing :slight_smile:

and i love the lead girl too! she’s great.btw any other dramas where these guys are lead in? (kim jae and Namgoong)

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Yes it’s really good, I watched it twice already :blush:
And yes Kim Jae Won’s smile with that twinkle in his eye… aw… and I liked Nam Goong Min too.
It was once of those Kdrama I didn’t know for which pairing to root for because I liked both guys :stuck_out_tongue:

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ahh thank you! yayyyy 1st, thanks so much for not spoiling, xD 2nd, it is! kim jae won i didnt know he was married with a kid T.T (crushed dreams lol) he’s so cute! and your the 1st person i talked to who likes BOTH guys! spoiler to those who havent watched it: everyone else reallly didnt like joon ha’s character, i find him extremely likable in certain parts, his smile made it seem like he was really sweet even when he wasnt doing the greatest things…

I have watched this drama and I love it. This is good drama. We can learn so much from the story of this drama. I love Kim Jae Woon since his movie “100 days with Mr. Arrogant” . And I love him more and more because of this drama and “May Queen” . I think he is one of good actors in Korea :blush:

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The other guys acts in I Need Romance 3, unemployed romance, Cheongdamdong Alice, and Becoming a Billionaire (at least of the ones with him i’ve watched so far).

I’m surprised you haven’t watched this one yet, but I liked it a lot. It’d make my top 10 list.

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GASP UH! wait, HE’S IN THAT MOVIE!!!? I WILL WATCH IT NOW. hahaha i always wanted to watch it, just never got around to it. then i saw it the other day on a site but didnt watch it, just bookmarked it for later. i said “hmm, i want to watch this, looks interesting.” now that i know he’s in it i will watch sooner. thank you!!! xDD he really is a good actor. i will also look out for those dramas!

yes the drama is so good and very realistic to life’s problems. we do learn much from it x)

Omg thanks!! yea, i havent gotten around to many great dramas, i dont know WHAT i was doing haha, so busy with other dramas and time and i was missing out on allot i see T.T but thanks, these will SO go on my list! im glad to see that he’s in other dramas.

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OMG GUYS. JUST FINISHED THE DRAMA. I CANT!!! what a fantastic 30 episodes. AND I NEVER watch any thats like above 20. its rare. but this just… did it for me. it will hold a special place in my heart, and will now be placed as one of my best most favorite dramas ever. perfect end. i suggest it to everyone. PS. i cried sooooooooooo many times lol. like, really hard cries. i havent cried that much for a drama since 49 days. i tottally fell apart when a certain part that ahem… (you all know what im talking about)… happened at the last episode T.T (i dont want to spoil that part for others who havent seen this and maybe plan on seeing it.) still a beautiful ending! Possible spoilers in the next pictures? but not really… just in case anyone gets mad about it, i warned them lol

what a beautiful pic T.T

anddddd yeaaaa. TOTTALLY fell hard for this guy <33333333333333333333333

he seriously looks like yonghwa O.O lol
and him too Ofcourseeee its hard to pick sides now O.O i still had my vote on kim jae won 1st tho

the most adorable character ever:

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Glad you liked it. It’s usually hard to get through so many episodes, but you’re right, this was a good one.

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yes. and each episode was interesting, i didnt find any dragging going on. Spoiler****Spoiler: but… the grandma… WHY?!! T.T

can someone please tell me what this is?! is it for a drama or a commercial/advertisment???

I think it’s TvN’s upcoming drama “My Secret Hotel”. Nam Goong Min and Yoo In Na as the main character on this drama. This drama will broadcast after High School King of Life finish. I know, you can’t wait to see Nam Goong Min again right? :slight_smile:

Yep. We all know that’s what one particular fan, who will remain nameless, wants :wink:

cries i am. so. happy!

HAHA you guys know me so well. omg i could cry lol! im sooooo happy thanks for this info guys xD the timing for this couldnt have been better yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss jdsnfdsjfddjndsmfds!! cannot WAIT! to see him again. plus, i not too long ago finished queen in hyun’s man, so im interested to see how this pairing goes… just as long as she saves him for me in real life LOL (ahem, excuse my fangirl-ness).

will be looking out for “My Secret Hotel” O.O . cant wait to see his smiley smile again xD


spoiler he so deserves it in my point of view after being rejected.

edit: aww wait. he might not be lead T.T