Anyone able to post Angel o Demonio somewhere?

Okay I’ll admit I’m a casual viewer of certain series on this site, so I’m not sure what’s going on with certain fan channels being removed as another thread points out.

That said one of the shows I was watching and enjoying was the Spanish series ‘Angel o Demonio’. If you’re unable to post that show here, is it possible to post it up on a site like dailymotion or something like that? Pretty please with sugar on top? I would really appreciate it.

BTW don’t go to Youtube. You’ll be lucky if your video isn’t taken down within a month knowing how trigger happy that site has become to take down videos.

I saw a few episodes on You tube but I don’t know if they still there.

Hey there responded on the other thread too where unfortunately the further anyone has posted into the series is season 1, episode 4 which is long way from completion of the series. Anyone knows who was it who uploaded the series and worked on the translations for the series? Dammit I wanted to finish it. It looked interesting.

Okay have a bit of a breakthrough here. Search for this series under it’s French title and found a French site that has the whole series, but there are no subtitles though. Is anyone who speaks Spanish able to provide some English subtitles or possibly download the videos to another site?

I worked in that drama doing segments and english subtitles but I would not do it again. After so much work this site took that drama out and I think is the biggest injustice they have ever done.

Thanks for all the hard work then that you put into that series. I could understand not wanting to go through all of that again. Yeah I can understand how much it would suck to take down a show you really like that you spent countless hours helping others enjoy it only to have it all be taken away without warning one day.

If there are any other Spanish speaking members out there, if you’re willing to translate, I’m more than willing to create a fan channel of that site over at Dailymotion or if you know or a safer site that won’t pull down videos.

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Say angelight313_168, since you seen the entire series obviously since you subbed it, can you help me find a scene? There was a scene, I recall it being in season 2 where Iris and Graziel are in a parkade after I’m certain Graziel did one of his scare muggings. Iris allows Graziel to smack her, then after he does so, she kicks him back and sends him flying through the air over a car. That scene cracks me up, but I recall it was at the beginning of an episode because the intro played after Iris runs off, but I checked all season 2 episodes and can’t find any that begins like that.

On a similar note, did the series ever give an idea how strong and how fast are the angels/demons? Did any of them ever flip/threw a car for example? I noticed they packed on hell of a punch/kick from the scenes I’ve seen.


I have to be honest with you, I started disliking the drama when it became too violent (like when the demonic little girl eats someone bc she got annoyed).

So when I subbed the drama I hardly played the scene unless I was confused with something in the translation. I loved season 1 bc it wasn’t too violent and it was a beautiful love story, but season 2 was too much for me and I stopped working on it. On season 2, evil won most of the time and many good ppl. died I couldn’t deal with that.

If you find season 1 and can uploaded here, I’ll work on it and do the subs in English but further (season 2), I won’t.

Are we even allowed to upload videos here anymore? I thought all fan channels were deleted? I don’t come here frequently, so you’ll have to explain this one to me.

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I know you can request to have dramas/videos licensed here (you fill out the form) but I read somewhere a while back that no one can upload videos here at viki. A lot of things changed here and maybe someone can provide a link to you with that kind of information.

This is the link to submit your request, you need to know the title of the drama and what country is it from

Sorry for the late response, but I was going to add while Angel O’ Demonio is from Spain, the videos at that site are french dub, so I’m not sure what to list as. On another note, would you translate it if I also had an account on Dailymotion with the episodes as a backup account either incase the site doesn’t accept the videos or they delete again for whatever reason?

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I read somewhere videos can no longer be uploaded here at this site. You can try to get ppl. to request the license for Angel o Demonios. I already did. Good Luck.

Here is the link:

Let those who request the drama know is from Spain.

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If you remember who was the channel manager you can ask if he/she has the subs. Viki before deleted the fan channels ask us if we want the subs to be sent to our emails. So probably not everything is lost.

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Wasn’t the CM of all those dramas [Spanishgatekeeper?] That’s what comes into my head right now. I can’t find the name in my notes and that’s what I believe her name was. SPANISHGATEKEEPER. What you think?
You remember her? I believe we worked together in that drama too besides The Grand Hotel? (I finished watching the drama on YOUTUBE Angel o Demonio is there too)

Either the CM changed her name or is no longer active here at viki. I left viki for a long while too and came back a while ago.

PS. I was looking for the drama ‘‘THE TIME IN BETWEEN’’ ( from Spain I believe?) but no longer see it here either. That was a great drama too. It’s a shame they took out so many great varieties of drama.

I searched for that username, but didn’t find anything on the search. Does anyone know if there’s spaces in between the words or they might be going by another name or something? If someone has those subtitles, that would save us a ton of effort trying to translate.

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I did too, and can’t find her/him either. At this point, I don’t even remember if it was male or female. If that person changed the name in the profile there’s no way to know, unless the person read this and provides the info to us. I believe this person left viki way before the channels were deleted. I doubt any of those subtitles were saved at all.

I hope you can have closure I know how frustrating it is to not see the end of a drama or movie.