Anyone excited for Healer?

I’m really looking forward to it~ Seems like we have a new ship ^^

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Can’t wait for it as well^^ His acting improved so much during Empress Ki, that I’m looking forward to seeing him in a different type of drama! Also excited for Yoo Ji Tae, whom I’ve only seen in a couple of movies before!

I’ve seen the trailer but don’t know what it’s really about. ^^; I’ll probably end up watching an episode when it comes out!

I love it so far! I didn’t know Ji Chang Wook, he’s so cool and good at playing the two roles **

It’s by far the best drama airing at this time. The cast and director are doing an excellent job and have kept me on the edge of my seat every minute of every episode No flaws in this one.

An amazing story with amazing actors. Especially Ji Chang Wook!

It’s over :cold_sweat:

Not for me yet. I’m gearing up for the final episode, holding my breadth. Oh please give us a great final. I love this whole cast.

Any idea why Healer “isn’t available” for me in the US on, though it has Eng subs? I’ve been watching it elsewhere as a result.

I do not have an answer to that but English is the main communication language on the internet and the Kdrama-Fandom and people who are not fluent in Korean mostly watch with English subs. Also other language teams normally sub from English into their respective languages. That would explain the English subs even though it might not be available in the US :wink:

Also it should be available in the US…? Maybe someone else can confirm this since I am not from the US…

I don’t really feel satisfied with the ending though… :frowning:

It is available in the US but it’s 2 weeks behind, except for the Qualified Contributors.