Anyone know what this drama is?

Hi all,

I am trying to remember the title of a drama. I believe it is Chinese, could be a different language too. It’s about a guy who does sound effects for movies, one of the first scenes is of him with high heels doing the sound effect of a girl running away in high heels. There is romance in it. This is all I can remember, any ideals anyone?


It might be Another Oh Hae Young.

It’s Korean, has a ML who has a Sound company (is that what it is called?) and I remember seeing that scene you’re describing. I might be wrong about the scene though.

It’s a pretty cool drama, would 100% recommend.


I was just rewatching the first scene in ‘Another Oh Hae Young’ to verify if it was the high heeled running, and it is, so I think this is probably the one you’re looking for @christina_kerr_298.


I remember that “running” scene so well!


Thanks a lot that looks like that is it. I’m so terrible with remember names of dramas I want to watch again.


Haha. I was at the same stage some time ago. I used to confuse faces, actor names, character names, and even drama names.

I used to watch a drama and go–
“Wait, isn’t that the same person?” “What was her name again?” “I’ve seen that guy somewhere but where?” “Which drama was I watching?”

With time, I got used to the faces, actor’s works, names, and Korean culture.

If you stick around, you’ll be a Professional K-Drama watcher, too :wink:


Maybe you can keep a log of the dramas you’ve watched before :wink:, for example by making a collection (here on Viki) or using lists like MydramaList or manual ones.


There are remakes of Another Miss Oh in other languages, Thai: Unlucky Ploy and maybe some others.


I do have a collection on here, I just have a horrible time with titles. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks I’ll have to look those up too. Thai has some pretty cool dramas.

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I am a HUGE fan of Another Oh Hae Young and he is a sound producer! I love it!

And that sounds exactly like Oh Hae!!! He uses shoes for the running!


Have you tried My Drama List for your lists of what you have watched!!??

I love it and it helps so MUCH!

Whenever I need to remember a drama, Discussions is my first choice because everyone here is so helpful and knowledgeable. :smile_cat: :heart: