Anyone know where i can watch Lee jong suk's movie "NO BREATHING"?

I don’t think I’ve seen the movie streaming anywhere… Maybe when a dvd or bluray is released, it’ll get uploaded somewhere.

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WHY ARE U KILLING ME FORRRRRR THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES!!! MAKES ME WANNA WATCH IT MOREEE i wanna cry now that ive sseen the picturess even more but thank you T.T xDDD lee jong suk is just… hes beautiful…

if u do… i love u in advance girl!!! pleeaassee do so omgg

its probably a sin to be that beautiful…

why? WHYYYYYYY how unfair is life mannnnn

Hey girlies~
I have a present for you (assuming you can access it), and anyone else around.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

I think I’ll wait for the subs to be released for the full experience…
But if you’re fine without them, cheers ^^~

(Hosted on two sites; password on the chinese site is NB1111 - you’ll figure out where it goes, I’m sure.)


GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE U !!! THANKSSS!! only,i wish it were eng sub x( but hey,u did better than i couldve at finding it!! omgg thank u tho, i will have to see it in eng sub but im so glad u found it!!! THERE IS HOPE!! lolll

I owe you something ask if you need something
you made my day now i´m happy

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YESSSSSSSSSS hahahahah no problem i can first watch it without subs … It´s enough that i can see him and that i know that i can watch it T-T

thats truee… maybe i might watch it without subs too cuz im desperate now that its up and yea ur right! (one of these days i gotta learn korean… haha)

I want to learn korean so much that i can watch without subs. And one day i can travel to korea and have a conversation with the people there haha
My friends don´t understand why i want to learn korean it´s weird for them

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my friends are like that too. -_____________- so THEY are the weird ones. they dont know whats good lol omg! so can u understand it already!!? (korean language) enough to watch it like that? thats an awesome idea

yaaaay! thank you! im watching this tonight!

No i don´t understand it ,just like everybody i understand single words but in a sentence i am like that O.o
That´s why i wanna learn it and maybe i will have a try in my Christmas Holidays … But it´s surely very hard T-T

i knoww T.T but u can learn it!! get some books from the library about korean language. i tried but gave up so quickly but i seem to learn bits and pieces here and there from so much kdramas and songs lol u can do it!

@dramaaaaa @b2utybubbles

Dudie posted a discussion about learning Korean with some helpful sites/videos you two might want to check out. Books are great, but personally I feel like hearing and speaking the language is more helpful. And then dramas are great at reinforcing the learning - like when you hear a phrase, and you’re like ‘Oh yeah, I know what that means!’ Hehee~

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@scircus @b2utybubbles awwww thank you so much < 3

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I find a link but I don’t know if it is just in korean or it’s subbed in english ^^’
But, here’s the link : (Click on the button "Download or watch)
I think that you have to create an account but I don’t try, sorry.
EDIT: I’m late, I see that a other person give you links, sorry. ^^’


thank u anyways!! its a big help whatever we can get soo thank u xD

This might be a bit late but Asian Crush has it and it’s subbed too.