Anyone knows good Korean? Just in need of a bit help about a few dialogues-잘 부탁드립니다

First of all, my heartiest thanks to the Korean subbers (and also Ko-Eng subbers) :slight_smile: For their immense help, I could pursue my hobby of subtitling (mainly from Korean to my native language ) here -as with my current skill & in most cases I need at least Hangul transcript ( 한글 자막) to understand properly :slight_smile:

Now coming to the point- it’s just out of fandom- just about a few dialogue in a MV like CF- I could understand some parts but missed to get the rest :confused:

  1. On 3:18 what JJH and JWS was saying to each other? (Just 2 dialogues-some curse words I guess- “…새끼”…너무…임마"? but couldn’t get it totally :confused: )
  2. From the same CF -what JJH was saying before- “내게 사랑은 없어”? (one dialogue only) -
  3. Part 2 of this CF- few dialogues before& between " 위험하잖아" (JWS) & " 재미있는 사람이야" (JJH) ?- ( from 3 min 45 sec)
  4. And in the final part- few dialogues before JWS had to say finally- “살려줘” ?-
    Many many thanks in advance-잘 부탁드립니다 :slight_smile:
  1. Girl: 건방진게, 까불고 있어.
    Boy: 그래도 넌 내꺼야
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@gripstar_385 Thanks a lot! :smile: may you solve the rest? no hurry though :smile:

Btw I’ve kept guessing myself- 2. 놀라지 마 ?

#2. 흔들리지마. 내게 사랑은 없어.

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손 들어. 나 진짜 쏜다. 위험하잖아.
아이 그러다 떨어지면 어쩔려 그래? 어? 너 떨어지면 누가 ____ 줄주알어? 어? 그리고 무슨 여자애가 그렇게 달리길 잘하니?
당신 참… 재미있는 사람이야.

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내가 못뛸줄알어?
당신 참 재밌는 사람이야.
야!! 야, 너 잠깐 일로와봐. ____
너 언제 철들래?
놔, 놔, 진짜! 자, 자, 잠깐만. 살려줘.

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Thanks a looot @ajumma2 - you’re an angel :heart_eyes: Now I will get the meaning & try to learn more sincerely :grinning:

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ok I cheated, when to google translate.something about a fight, I think

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@frustratedwriter here it is :slight_smile: