Anyone loves Chinese detective and criminal dramas?

Anyone loves Chinese detective and criminal dramas?

Medical Examiner: Dr. Qin is coming soon on Viki.

Main cast: ZHang Ruo Yun, a really cool guy.


I’ve only seen “When a snail falls in love” and really loved it. But I will pay attention to this one as well. Thank you for the info! :wink:

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ME! yeah the one you mentioned when a snail falls in love, I am re-watching medical examiner, love it! I don’t remember if Unriddle was Japanese or Chinese, have you watched young sherlock? what about detective Dee? what about the monster killer? there are a lot more too.

You’re welcome~



Hi dear,

Unriddle is a Singapore detective drama, but the language is also Chinese.

I haven’t seen dramas of Detective Di (神探狄仁杰), though he is a really famous ancient detective in China.

It’s interesting that the drama’s name has been translated into Young Sherlock. At first sight, I thought he was the British Sherlock at 221B, Baker Street. It’s kind of confusing, isn’t it? Why don’t they just translate it into
something like “Genius Detective Di Ren Jie”.

Thank you for your recommendation.


yes it was confusing, there were a couple more chinese detective series some

I haven’t gotten into here is one, I really liked,

sorry don’t remember the title. It was about 2 women, finished their classes, one went to special forces the other went to I guess detective. she was the kinda shy withdrawn ,

but these two were awesome in this drama, now I must look for itt. well I looked for it, and guess Viki took it off! that one was so good! Gallilo is another, perfect insider those ladies in the palace, princess agents

the investigative team in tiawan, sorry about that. the one I mentioned above,

and now viki doesnt have it anymore

Do u know about a tv series/drama of a chinese detective who received a lot of supernatural cases but he doesnt believe in ghosts so he investigated those cases based on science. his theories do make sense but the ending of each episode will always be supernatural. Then he will type something a lot on the computer then deleted them all back. Not sure if its from hong kong or taiwan or what. But i know they speak chinese. I forgot the title but im desperated to watch it back haha

now thist sounds interesting. young surlock? maybe? or yes theres another, now have to look for it. galilo? that one was awesome, but don’t really think that is what you are looking for. I will look today
“Who are you” but this is korean and matches in what you are looking for. the lady was in a coma, came out of it, and sees ghosts, her partner doesn’t believe in the paranormal, scientific etc. day& night, scientific task force Chio Yong

thank you for the reply! but thats not what im looking for. idk why, ive searched it on the internet for weeks but still cant find it. maybe its underrated? but it was a rly awesome drama. its not cheo yong tho bcs the detective on the drama im looking for only believes in science, he received supernatural cases.

Just in case you missed my response…

Hi, I was reading this thread and I wanted to ask if any of you know a Chinese/taiwan/hong kong tv series/drama of a pair of chinese detectives who works in an underground building to take care of evidence of case files until they expire and these evidences will have some supernatural phenomenon at night in which these two detectives will explore…I think it is a TV series in the 2000s…I remember in one episode it was something to do with a missing person’s case and they threw a watermelon into the sea and when it float up the body was found the next day beside the watermelon (they couldn’t find the body for a very long time)…It was super freaky

I have looked at all the suggestions above and it wasn’t any of it:(

I think I’ve watched the drama you talked about. it’s an HK TVB drama called "Mi Li Dang An"迷離檔案 “Mystery files”. You can check the wiki below to see if that’s what you are looking for.