Anyone remember this k-drama?


Does anyone remember the kdrama where a lady has a restaurant outside of a school.

I believe she bought a restaurant across from the school her son went to. He was being bullied and ended up getting hit by a car. His mother opened the restaurant in order to help other kids who were being bullied. One of the male teachers ended up going there and they enter a romantic relationship.


Is it Beautiful World, perhaps? I haven’t watched that drama, it’s on my watchlist, but the premise sounds similar…


No, it’s not that one. (Do watch it, it’s very good)


Yes, I love this drama - the plot and the cast. I’m certain, from your good description, this it what you’re looking for. It was truly enjoyable. A good watch.

Unfortunately, it’s not available on Viki. However, if you google around, you’ll find it elsewhere.


YES! OMG! That’s the one. It was such a nice story. Made me cry a few times.

Yes, it is not on Viki but I watch a few k-dramas on another site called

Would you by any chance be able to help me find another k-drama?

I don’t remember the main plot and I believe I only remember a few of the episodes. But it has a young girl (maybe in her 20s), her friend gets her a job cleaning an apartment for a guy who is always working and is kind of a loner ( he is not the rich type either, just regular salaryman). He requests that the cleaner is gone by the time he gets home, but one day the girl is still there and she ends up hiding as not to break the rules, but it turns out that the two knew each other.

I am very sorry if this is not a lot to go on. I watched this series 3 years ago and haven’t been able to remember what it was called or come across anything similar.


you reminded me of this to finish watching it. such a good drama!


The plot sounds quite familiar. I think I’ve seen it before. Alas, I could not remember which drama atm. I’ll update if it comes to mind, or is searchable.


Thanks for your help, but someone else was able to figure it out. I was describing just one scene from one episode. The series is Radiant Office. I was describing the last scene of episode 5 apparently. I was off in a few things, but it is that show


Np. Glad the mystery is solved. :slight_smile: