Anyone see the new Bulk Translator?

Just saw it. I think Viki is trying to make it more user friendly. I like how the # of segments and subs are shown. I’ve been really wanting that. It’s good, although I’m used to the old one. I just hope it saves my subs properly. I always have to go back and check them.
Anyone know what bulk rating is though?

I like the sidebar…

Bulk Translater isn’t that new tho
Last year i started subbing at some shows which weren’t available for me. So i used bulk translation to gain my QC status.
But well i am not that long here so could be new

Not bulk translator in general, the new design.

Oh sorry i just saw what you mean after checking it myself. I can’t see the pics you put here sorry x.x

I can’t view your pictures either, and I can’t view what is beneath the “Advanced Tools”. I guess you are referring to something on the lower left side. Can’t help, maybe it is either rating the subtitles, as voting for them. Or it something that we had in former phase, when someone would make a worser translation, you would rate the older better translation higher, and that would bring it back in the video.
But that is only assumed on my part.

I very rarely use the bulk translator, but I do really like the new layout for it.

In bulk rating, it looks like people can suggest different translations for each line. And other people can rate them. I’m not sure how they’d use those translations though, like in terms of changing the ones in the video. I like the idea better than their one-liner thing though.

Sorry about the pictures. Just fixed it…

How did you fix that :0

Hehe :wink: I uploaded it to Viki, by using the channel wall of one of my channels. Took the link and got rid of the evidence.

That was seriously very smart hahahaha
Omg laughed at your “hehe”
Like “what r u going to do now viki hmmm?”

lol. They did get the first one though.

I usually use bulk translator to go over my work. Sometimes my changes in segment timer aren’t saved and I go over spelling, etc.

LOL I just “discovered” the bulk rating now.
A year after your post, I never understood what you meant because I could not see that picture you uploaded, still can’t.

But I guess now that I have seen the category of ratings under recent contributions on my profile it made “click”.

But still, I don’t know how it works, but really would like to know the consequences of the instrument.

I think the Suggestions and Ratings have to do with Viki one-liners, not the Bulk Translator. Maybe the designer at Viki could tell us how it works.

I use the Bulk Translator all the time to cut and paste subs like “Segments and subtitles brought to you by…”, “Hello,” “I’m leaving.”, “I’m sorry.”, “Yes.”, “No.”, “Good morning.” and people’s names. It helps me avoid typos.

Also, if previous episodes are still open, I can copy and paste the flashback and song subs too–for consistency. Otherwise I look through my or others’ contributions to find the translation.

Another way it helps me is to view what the other translators have done with the “yous”–how formal. Are the characters still formal or are they already speaking in the familiar?

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