HOW DID I MISS THISS??? insert screams here
okay. i will have to see this. i was browsing through some youtube vids ans found this! and although i dont have a problem with many age differences stuff (as long as they are not HUGE in number, like,oh… 60 and 20?! or 16 and 40? just my opinion ^ ^) i think that she is too much older for him than i would like. like, she looks like his mom or something. thats just my opinion though, but to me he looks like a highschool boy and she looks 40. anyways, anyone ever watched this??
i never would think that lee jong suk had any other stuff other than the ones we’ve seen him in. the only things ive seen him in (and i thought i watched it all…) was “i hear your voice”, “no breathing”, “hot bloods boiling youth” (have yet to watch this), “secret garden”, “school 2013”(another one i didnt make past the 1st or 2nd ep.) and of course the current "Doctor stranger plus many other little roles he was probably in… ive even seen his running man.(which was hilarious! 1 was with kim woo bin) lol i just looked at his actor page and apparently, there are many im missing :

anyways, its called “When i was prettiest”, and here is the plot, which kinda sounds and looks a bit messed up, according to the first comment too lol :

here is the video i saw of this movie spoiler it shows you everything.

i was like "hmmm let me see what this vid’s abou- HO LEE JONG SUK!! "

@melliebean_2 @dramaaaaa curious to know what you think or if you’ve heard about it.


okay. anyone wanting to watch this movie has to be warned. SPOILER its not a good ending ive heard. in fact, a very sad one. someone said that there is no happy or good end for ANY of the characters (hmmm. reminds me of a 49 day thing). well anyways, it is very very hard to find and watch this special drama episode, but this page supposedly has many options where people can watch it at (read the comments to find).

i found this link, it works, havent watched it yet tho.

I actually have no problem with the age difference… But I won’t watch it just for the fact that he leaves his sick girlfriend to fall in love with a women from the same hospital with a boyfriend. As it wasn’t enough that that poor girl is sick her boyfriend betrays her.
I am sure there are men like that out there who leave their girlfriends when they get sick and I can’t understand it. I won’t curse but I hope every man also women in this world gets back what they do to the ppl who love them. If it’s something bad but as well the good things they do for them…

LOL i really take out my anger on poor role in this movie and on betraying ppl :smiley: you see ? @b2utybubbles

@b2utybubbles I ended up watching it with spanish subtitles cause I couldn’t find it on my regular English haunts. That four and half minute video really covered all the basics. You can save an hour and ten minutes to watch the whole thing, unless you really want to.

I prefer Lee Jong Suk paring with an older partner in dramas, a sophisticated and complicated woman rather than a silly superficial girl. He’s perfect for this kind of role, that need a keen sense of intuition to help him unearth the plain truth of things.

I think he’s a very good actor ,although he’s only 24 years old and an actress under 23, would only accentuate the difference between their acting skills, so he needs an experienced actress as partner, because he’s too good.

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I just can agree you, because it’s really annoying, that there are such people -_- You are just so right xD

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Yeay thank you !! Haha

LOL all these comments xD i will get back to this right after i come back from outside xD

I am soooooooooooo behind in my dramas ATM but I’ll add that to my list…I watched Hot Blooded Youth it was okay he’s acting is great in it.

yea, i was pretty pissed about this too. because in the movie, its like he doesnt even care if she’s dying or not. (btw she doesnt die she just went to the hospital for something serious and it turned out it could be removed or something for her to live.) what she had, it wasnt life threatning, but still! he just sees this old lady outta no where and its BOOM! he likes her all of a sudden and all the attention goes to her. and he doesnt even care if she she’s gonna die or not lol…

i will not watch this again or any movies like this again tho, because i do not like the fact that everyone is cheating on everyone and i dont like watching those kinds of things (spoiler because the older woman he likes has a husband and a kid!!! smh times 2.)

i can understand because when it happens in real life, its not cute or joyous at all. cheating and hurting people this way wrecks everyone involved and only leads to heartbreak. therefore, i will be staying away from movies with this. but lee jong suk’s kisses and acting where spot on and made me go: O.O he’s really good at playing a role. and it is the most passionate kissing ive ever seen him do then in any other drama.

i am too T.T

i tottally agree on his acting. i will have to watch this one !

what your saying makes sense and i understand your thinking.i dont mind him being with different ages, i still think THIS lady in particular is past his time, but i agree that his acting is that superb.i did like him with lee bo young. i think there are younger actresses in korea that would do an excellent job with him as well. they should make him lead in another drama, i cant take enough of jong suk xD

what do you mean, where did you watch it at? the link that i put above has english sub in case you wanted to understand what it is saying better.

LOL it really did. thats why i put a spoiler alert and said it, because it really shows everything. but i still wanted to find out the meaning behind what was going on and understand the story better.

oh, okay, yea. you CAN watch it on youtube:

how come when i looked i didnt see it because i thought it wasnt subbed? LOL woooooooooow. where i watched it it was kinda blurry. this couldve saved my eyes :confused: T.T

I understand Spanish well, so I didn’t need the English version, but thanks for asking.

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