Anyone watching Erkenci Kus (Early Bird)?

It is a Turkish series. I am in love with the main couple They are gorgeous, have great chemistry and can act. Is anyone watching this one? It is not easy to find subbed either. I will have to say I have become a huge Can Yaman fan because of this drama. I think we are getting to the angsty part of the show. I have no idea, how long Turkish series, run. This is the first one I have seen.

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I watched the few first episodes after that I stop it, even though I still watch the previews for every new episode!

I just felt that they will drag this story too much like they usually do in their dramas, if they have a successful drama they’ll just keep incrace its episodes without any meaning.

It’s very repetitive but overall, it’s a good show!

I totally fell for this show over December, I cant wait for them to continue. I wish the english subtitles online were better quality, though. It takes real effort to try and keap up, as some of the sentences don’t make sense in English. And I hope some of our local TV stations picks this up and dubs it so that I have an excuse rewatch it :smiley:

Hi, do you know where I can watch it fully? I need episodes 11-13 and I can’t find them. Thanks

You can watch this on

Love this drama It so intense

Also u tube