Anyone Watching Youth Of May?


It’s shot so beautifully, and the actors are AMAZING! I love listening to the Gwangju accent! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Lee Do Hyun really doesn’t disappoint, he’s so GOOD!

How do I explain it? Even the scenes I would call “cliche” in other dramas have me intensely interested, the chemistry is THAT good. Even though my mind thinks “Ah, I’ve seen this somewhere else”, it’s a new experience to my heart. The chemistry is so good that I’m going to suppress my fear for their future. I usually hate watching dramas not knowing the ending, but their love burns so bright that I don’t mind being in doubt. It’s not going to be a light watch, but it’s definitely going to be something worth remembering.

And it’s ILLEGAL to have second lead syndrome when Lee Do Hyun is the male lead. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I can see your enthusiasm and I’ll put it on my watch list but… writing a review after watching two episodes? What’s the point? So many dramas have started great and have ended up as crap, and also the contrary, some start slow but then become great.


She loves lee do hyun. And that’s the reason.


That she loves him is pretty obvious, LOL!


@irmar is trying to keep you level headed, and your feet from buckling. You are really over the moon, it’s heart warming to see such pure enthusiasm for your new found :heartbeat: celebrity. :blush::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


LOL I guess I’m being a little, nay, a LOT over the top, huh? :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t say it’s just because of Lee Do Hyun because I’m the type of person who just will not watch if I’m uninterested, whoever the person is…I did not watch Lee Do Hyun’s other works because I don’t like horror or Hotel Del Luna.

I didn’t mean for it to be a complete review, idk, I just really liked the premise. It’s a review of the first two episodes because it’s ongoing…hmm maybe I shouldn’t have? I should change the topic name…

Anyway, I’m hoping it’s good!

Hehe, I’m thankful for everyone here!^^


I don’t mean here. I mean your actual “review” in “Reviews”.


I was also against the idea some time ago, but then I thought of the people who want to watch it today. Won’t they want a review? Everyone knows that it’s an On-Air drama, so we don’t know how it ends. Those two episodes, in my opinion, were worth watching. The set-up is good. The cinematography is good. The plot creates anticipation.
As a viewer wanting to start an On-Air drama, I think I would like a review of whatever has already released, at least. If I keep updating my review every time a new episode releases, I think it would be all right. What do you think?


Definitely i also agree with that for watching on air drama i need a review.


That’s what the comments are there for.


I have not seen a single episode review in the comments. People either just comment on the actors or (mostly) whine. Even if someone posted a review, it’d get buried in a few days.

The other reviews in the Review section are mostly “I love _____” “Please give subs in _____ language” “The FL is irritating.”


That’s why Viki shouldn’t have eliminated the episode comment pages! Now the comments get buried. Everything has gone wrong since they did that!


awww I wasn’t even there when there were episode comments! I came just before that big revamp and redecorating…start of 2020


Things are getting so interesting! I love the 3-dimensional, real characters and the camerawork! That whole 80s vibe is really immersing me. All the relationships are so intriguing! Be safe, Myeong Hee!!! :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Please, please have a happy ending!!


I am also watching Youth of May and up until now I like it pretty much. The actors and the production team are doing a fine job, especially if we consider the time setting of the plot.
But be aware of a tragic ending: I am actually waiting for the historical events to hit the characters since May 1980 represents one of the most terrible events of Korean contemporary history


Quite funny I found the University of Brandenburg in Western Germany, Berlin.
a) Brandenburg is a federated state in the region of former Eastern Germany
b) it’s close to Berlin but not Berlin
c) doesn’t exist in the first place, but it’s fiction.

Still. Just like the comment about becoming a doctor in Germany. Even in the 1980s it was indeed differently…

But yeah, while watching this I expect the worst as well, but I like the political theme.


@vivi_1485 are you trying to get me to watch another drama!!! I can’t read this or you know what will happen! Adding to my watchlist!


This is totally me on your DAYS thread! :flushed::joy::joy: DAYS is sitting on my watchlist already.

I know about the Gwangju uprising…watched a few movies on that too. Someone will probably die, but it could still be a happy ending. A side character could die, not the mains? I’m holding on to any bit of hope there is :sweat_smile:

I’ve been waiting for it since the second episode…everything seems like the calm before the storm rn. I thought they’d start it in episodes 5 or 6 since the Gwangju Uprising started on May 18, but it didn’t so I’m still in a constant state of terror :sob:



I agree with @irmar bc look what happened with the Japanese drama and how it turned out in the end episode. LEARNED LESSON for me.:sweat_smile::wink:


Goodness, I’m crying my heart out with the 7th and 8th episodes. All the actors have such effortless chemistry with each other! And Lee Do Hyun’s crying looks so real and organic I feel like breaking down :sob: Just give them a happy life!
Some dialogues are so pretty
I curse Viki every time I try to take a screenshot and I’m not allowed to :sob::sob: