Arabic subbers needed for the korean drama "Angel Eyes" - نحتاج مترجمين للغة العربية للدراما الكورية عيون الملاك

Hey guys,

We are in need of Arabic subbers for the currently on air Korean drama: Angel Eyes.
This drama is just AMAZING… and it hurts me to see no one subbing it to Arabic… :confused:

Please let me know if you are interested as I am the Arabic moderator…


I would’ve liked to help you Wafaahs with this drama since I really love it and it’s a waste not to sub it in Arabic…but I’m too busy with exams and can’t take too much projects, however i’ll be able to help from mid-June, tell me if it’s okay :slight_smile: !!

ohhh yamane you’re subbing to Arabic now? Yeyyyy.

Yeahh of course you are welcome to help me at any time. I will add you to the team now and PM you the spreadsheet so you can pass by at anytime!!

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Yeah I’m giving it a try :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you ! I’ll try to pass by when I’m free :slight_smile:

Bon alors!
Mais ne traduit pas quand tu doit étudier… ton bac est bientôt et c’est plus important!!

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salut je veux bien traduire cette drama avec vous je connais très bien l’arabe et l’anglais si vous voulez

I would love to help sub with in angel eyes , but I have such a hectic schedule I am lucky i still have “we have you surrounded”. I will be active with my slowness in september most likely I wish i could help with you in all your channels @Wafaahs .:’(

انا ابغى اكون من المترجمين

I could help sub Angel eyes.

Hey @Wafaahs , I think i might be able to help you with that , feel free to contact me !