Arabic subbers needed for the Korean drama"One Day, The First Love Invaded Me" - بحاجة الى مترجمين للغة العربية للدراما الكورية في يوم واحد، الحب الأول غزى علي

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Welcome to this discussion page, you light it UP!
First thing first, there is a new upcoming K-drama which is called "One Day, The First Love Invaded Me"
and here is the page you can visit it, and to check it out click here

were our handsome actor the lovely
“No Min Woo” ^^

. ( but in a weird hairstyle) ANY hairstyle suits him #.#.

, and the beautiful “Lee Chung Ah” in ~.^


Whoever wants to join is more than welcomed, of course subtitle from English to Arabic!!, come check it out i will be thrilled seeing you joining, I hope we be a great team
(I am sure we will).

BTW, it’s not up yet but I’m collecting ma Gorgeous team before its starts so we can be prepared, and be awesome :smiley: .
I’m loving my team even though the drama didn’t start :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .
(Too much excitement I know lol)
Please join me and if you know someone GOOD at English, just tell 'em to help out.
I appreciate it!!!


I’d love to join your team ! :slight_smile:

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welcome darling, I am more than happy having you in the team. :kiss:

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here is the link

Thanks a lot dear , i’ll do my best Insha’llah . :smile:

inshaAllah, i added you as a co-moderator with me. :heart:

I’m glad to work with you , thanks a lot i really appreciate it . :smile:

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Can i sub and be a moderator too? :blush:

The drama didn’t come yet, it was just an over enthusiasm action from me silly me.
it’s still a fan page :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:.
about you question…

i wish if there was space, but the moderators are closed …, but we have an empty space in subbing, you can fill its gap with your amazing big heart. :blush:
i am really sorry about that, راح اكون تحت الخدمه متى ما تبين
ان جداً اسفه لتخيب امالك اتمنى ما تزعلين مني :heart:

Ohh anyways the drama seems interesting, when will it start airing? i cant wait, finally gonna see no min woo acting once again 0
Oh about that, its totally fine, i will be a subber instead :blush:
I will help in subbing, being a mod isnt that important so u dun have to be sorry :sunny:
لا شدعوه أزعل منج, عادي لا تحاتين حبيبتي

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I would like to participate and join the team . :blush:

sure you’re more than welcomed :heartbeat: