Arabic subtitling

Let’s meet and help each other ><

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Helo there!
So, what are you working in right now?

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Actually currently I’m working on 2 projects “boys planet” as a moderator and “love is back” as a subtitler.How about you?

Well, currently I’m working on CEO-dol mart we will finish the last episode soon and then I have to review all the 10 episodes again to make sure it’s as good as it could be!

And I have VIP Thiland as a Mod, it’s on air too, I will focus on it after finishing the previous one.

I’m a subtitler in My lovely layer, but I don’t have time lately to help them.

I want to edit two shows once and for all ( Love is for suckers and Gause Electronics )

I have too much in my hand😆

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Ohh,thanks for your hard working :blush:.Seems you have a lot to do.

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hello i’m new here , i want to work on project if you know pls help ^^

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The only project I have now required a Viki pass :confused: