Are Destiny of the White Snake and Legend of the White Snake connected?

Hi guys,

are the 2 dramas Legend of the White Snake and Destiny of the White Snake independent dramas, that are just based on the same tale?

Or are they linked to each other in a way? (like Ice Fantasy & Ice Fantasy Destiny, e.g.)

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I think the only connection is that they are both based on the same legend.


Yes. Exactly. Two different retelling (very different interpretations), two different set of cast, but both are based on the same folktale. If you love this folktale and the xianxia genre, it would be a treat to watch them.

(PS: IMO, even though they may be disappointing in some aspects (and I won’t spoil the fun), they are both well done and good watches. Both sets of OTP are adorable).


Based on the same legend


Thanks all :slight_smile:


If they are different in their interpretation I’ll have a look on both. Just would not want to watch 2x the " exact same" story (but with different cast).

The trailers of both look nice.

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