Are Drama Intros Really Gone?

It seems as though most dramas get right to the point, without those iconic minute-long intros. Sure, they were a drag sometimes, but they would also reel you in with their awesome theme songs and highlights. I miss that. Do you?

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Maybe it’s just the ones you’ve been watching? A coincidence? Because all the ones I’ve been watching have their intros. For instance, Witch’s Love, Where Stars Land and Room No 9.
The only time there isn’t an intro is when an hour-long episode has been artificially split into two 30-minute ones, in order to insert ads between the two. In that case, the first one of the day has an intro and the second, which is not really an other episode, has no intro.
Sometimes Viki will cut it, too.


Aren’t they all 30-minute long nowadays? I’ve recently watched 17 but 30 and Should We Kiss First both capped at 30 min. with no intro, unless the Viki logo counts.

Thankfully no. Room No 9, for instance, is 1-hour long.

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