Are other people aware of this decision?
No Roku support whatsoever until possibly June?

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Sigh. That’s the first I have heard of it, thank you for putting this topic up.

I use my big screen with the Roku app to edit, actually. But…I will say that the app is running erratically with the timing of subs in particular, and it does not save your progress if you exit a video.

I just hope they can replace it soon enough before it really goes berserk (again) with a better product this time. It’s one thing to say 'well here, we have other TV apps" - not everyone can afford yet another way to link a TV. I mean, I’m going to trip over the cables here, but if I have to…sigh.

I guess the other option would be to try to go through the you tube app into the viki app on some things - not sure if many thing are there, but song of phoenix as there at some point. that would be 1 way to work around the glitches IMHO.

GeNie of the Lamp

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This is the main issue I’ve been having for awhile - not saving progress and not showing “watched” for completed episodes. It was fixed a few weeks ago so I was really happy but it’s not working again. I purchased the Roku device specifically to watch Viki so it’s kind of frustrating if I have to buy another device. I appreciate that it can be watched online or a tablet, etc, and I enjoy watching that way sometimes too but I mostly watch with Roku. That’s just what works best for me.

I’ll have to look into going through the you tube app- I didn’t realize you could do that. Or I will have to write everything down as someone else said they are doing in order to find my place. That won’t help the subs being wonky. I’m trying to be respectful of Viki as I’ve had so much fun watching programs here. It’s actually helped a LOT at times when I’ve been feeling down. I prefer the subs here and the community is great. But I wish they had warned us and given some prior notice instead of me finding out by the frustration of dealing with an issue over and over and wondering why it wasn’t getting really fixed and finding this notice last night saying it was already a done deal. I would have changed my subscription plan temporarily.

I just really hope things become more consistent when this new app is ready.

June is nearly over, so I hope we see a proper app soon. The current software is buggy, offers a limited selection, and has the worst subtitle system I’ve ever seen. I understand not enabling subtitles by defaulting, but it should be an option tied to your Roku account; and not force everything on Roku (including English programs) to show subtitles.