Are segmenters only adjusting and checking segments now?

My last project as a segmenter was a year ago and I did segments. But then, when I came back after a long time to contribute again I realized Viki had changed.

Segments and English subtitles are already there when the episode is out, and we, segmenters, only adjust and check the episodes.

It’s really frustrating. I can’t do segments anymore which I enjoyed to do and I can’t get my level up. I feel useless, as if all my efforts had been in vain…

If you can tell me a bit more about how Viki work now, especially the segmenting and translation system, that would be great.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


Last time I heard anything about it, only certain Chinese dramas still came unsegged.

People working on segments nowadays do it only for the love of their job, they want the segments of good quality for all languages. They receive no reward in number of contributions for it.

I think you should try to find another way of contributing on Viki if renewing your QC status is the issue.


However, there are very few projects especially (Chinese) that need segmenters because the project is from 0

Nothing But You | Mainland China | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️
Good luck


Chinese drama Route is needing Segmenters and Subtitlers for people looking for an opportunity.

Korean drama Cruel Temptation is in desperate need of Segmenters. I don’t know if this project is A & C only or not, though. You would need to contact the Channel Manager.

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Indeed, almost all shows come with English (and since recently, sometimes also Spanish and Portuguese) presubs. Initially, all presubs were from the content provider so that there were still shows without presubs, but nowadays, most of the shows without presubs from the content provider get subbed (and segged) by the staff, usually long before airing, occasionally after airing, but in the last case, the volunteers are told to wait for them.
With presubs, the process is like this:

  • Segmenters check and correct the existing segments (A&C = adjust and combine)
  • CS checks their work (QC = quality check)
  • TE, GE, and CE check the English subtitles
  • Other Languages can start translating.

Lately, though, Viki is even starting to demand that Other Languages start right away and the previous steps are either skipped or done later.

Unsubbed shows do still come occasionally (and most of them are indeed Chinese), but you have to be lucky to even find them.

If you speak another language, I suggest you do some subbing on the side to keep your QC status. Or maybe you can get trained as an English editor.


The same happens with the sub, since viki subtitles the dramas, there are many teams that only edit, and it is difficult to have contributions :confused:


I think After School Club is still recruiting for Segmenters and Korean-English Subtitlers and TE for people looking for an opportunity. It’s a project with a lot of episodes. I do not know if it is only A & C work for Segmenters. You would need to contact the Channel Manager.

Another possible Segmenting opportunity would be Simply K-Pop Con-Tour. I do not know if they are still recruiting Segmenters and Korean-English subtitlers. They may have stopped, but it is worth checking with the Channel Managers as that project also has a lot of episodes.


The main issue isn’t this but the fact that we aren’t doing much like we used to do. My status is an issue because I feel proud to have it as I feel useful for the community. It’s like a recognition. It is not about the advantages since I’m already paying for the viki pass. Thank you for answering !

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Thank you for your help !

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It’s sad that viki became like this. Segmenters and subbers were doing a great job. I guess Viki changed its politics :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Thank you very much for taking your time to answer and to inform me about this new “system” !

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Thank you a lot !!

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Thank you very much !!

There is plenty of work for segmenters - mostly A&C.

Yes I know that’s what I do. As far as I am concerned, there’s only A&C that is why I created this discussion, to understand why we weren’t creating segments anymore. :slight_smile:

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