Are these all the right badges for the Lunar year deal? I've done all the requirements

Cannot find a place where they post which badges are which for this 10 event deal. I KNOW I met the requirements for all of them so far too.

Here’s what I have that I THINK are the 4 badges for the challenge - is this right?

Spring Subathon IS THIS the APRIL ONE?

Lunar New Year 2018 - february

Create a Collection March 2018
Mother’s Day 2018 - for the Japanese learn mode? the May badge?

Maybe when they send out the notices - it would help if they show us what we should have if we’ve played to this point? :slight_smile:

For the badges for this 10 months event you can go there and see:

You just have to compare with the badges you have on your profile. :slight_smile:

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I got 3 new badges and working towards the new one now. So you are about right. Now,I didn’t get the Japanese one, although I deserved that one, too. I read many comments that they were upset bc the japanese badge was removed from their page.

One thing I advise everyone keep your segs and subs count in check just in case.